What to Eat in Jimbaran?

Sep 16, 2019
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Jimbaran is not as famous as Kuta when it comes to beaches, bars, and night world. But when it comes to foodies, Jimbaran is number one. Some of the Best Places to Eat in Bali are in Jimbaran, a fishing village and resort south of Kuta. Jimbaran owns a huge bay where everyone enjoys a long white sand beach with its bluish clear and calm sea. Nowadays, Jimbaran has become one of the main destinations in Bali for food lovers. In this amazing southern regency of Kuta, you can find world’s class restaurants with their distinctive yummy dishes.


Delectable foodies that you can enjoy in Jimbaran:


1. Tapas

Originally, tapas are appetizers in Spanish cuisine. The word tapa literally a means a small portion of any kind of Spanish cuisine. Tapas could be hot or cold. In some fine places to eat across the globe, tapas have evolved into a more sophisticated cuisine. Nowadays, tapa can be combined to make a full meal. There are many restaurants in Jimbaran that are offering appetizing tapas with varied presentations. You can find various tapas meals in Jimbaran such as BBQ octopus, spicy pulled beef, baked scallop, smoked butter-fish, roasted pork buns, crispy fried chicken, and honey baked pumpkin salad. The latter, you can get it in Cuca Bali restaurant, the best restaurant Jimbaran. Honey baked pumpkin salad is said to be one of the most favorite tapas for Cuca’s guests. This tapa meal is incredibly flavorful. The meal also contains country granola, creamy green beans, and tarragon which are very healthful. Akua Bali restaurant is another best place to eat in Bali that offers delicious tapas meals that you shouldn’t miss. In this restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of tasty tapas that can definitely leave you speechless. Their famous tapas like Tigres, Jamon, Barramundi Bilbaina, Gambas Placha, and paella seafood are too good to complete your fine dining in Bali. Actually, there are many other restaurants in Jimbaran that offer enticing tapas. You can find them on the internet.


2. Seafood

Jimbaran is a heavenly paradise for seafood lovers. Jimbaran might be the only place where you can see most of restaurants are offering seafood. If you want to enjoy varied savory seafood dishes in Bali, it is always best for you to go to Jimbaran. You can experience the true flavor of octopus, fish, tuna, eel, squid, lobster, crab, shrimp, lobster, and shells. One of the best restaurants in Jimbaran that is famous for its delicious seafood is Nelayan restaurant. If you are a lobster lover, then this restaurant is a perfect place to eat for you. Their favorite menu is the Asian aromatic infused lobster bisque. New Bayang Café is another best seafood supplier that you should visit. There, you can eat various types of seafood dishes such as shells, grilled fish, and tasty crabs. Located on the Jimbaran seashore makes your meal experience worth to be cherished. You can enjoy your meal with cocktails and beers. Teba Café is another great restaurant in Bali where you can enjoy different seafood dishes. There are many people coming to this restaurant not only to enjoy their incredibly delectable seafood meals but also to enjoy the panoramic views on the sea. It is amazingly beautiful when the dusk comes. Because it is the time when the reddish sunset appears. These are fine seafood restaurants in Jimbaran: Radja Sea Food Jimbaran, Menega Café, Lia Café, Ah Yat Abalone Seafood Restaurant, and Mama Donny Café Jimbaran.


3. Vegetarian Food

If you are searching for vegetarian food Bali, it is quite hard to find it in Jimbaran. But it doesn’t mean there is none. There are several places to eat that are providing special meals for vegans. Vegetables are healthy, but many people do not like to eat it. They think that it is not as delicious as meat. They are absolutely wrong. Food is always a matter of how it is cooked and being presented. If you want to try tasty vegetarian food, you can come to Cuca Bali Restaurant and Gridhari Vegetarian.