What Are the Best Places to Eat in Bali?

Sep 16, 2019
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Bali is categorized as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Bali's natural beauty has attracted many people from various parts of the world, both local and foreign. Bali has many beautiful beaches, beautiful waterfalls, amazing rice fields, charming mountains, unique culture, best places to eat, luxury hotels and villas, beautiful underwater panoramas, beautiful zoos, upscale restaurants, and ancient temples. Many tourist destinations allow visitors to have more activities during their holidays and visits to Bali. Some of the activities that can be done in Bali are marine activities, diving, white water rafting, adventure, and culinary tours.

Even though I am not Balinese, I have lived in Bali for almost 15 years. Because my previous job was as a tour guide, so I already knew a lot about Bali. I have visited almost all tourist destinations in Bali. I know a lot about Bali, especially when it comes to villas, hotels, and restaurants.


If you are in Bali or planning to take a vacation in Bali, do not miss the various spices served in the selected restaurants that we recommend. In addition, the average restaurant in Bali has amazingly beautiful scenery, making you amazed at God's creation. Foods that you feel will also taste much more delicious.


Here are 10 of the best restaurants in Bali:


1. Metis Lounge

Metis Longue is one of the best restaurants in Bali located in Seminyak that offers a sensation of luxury dining that is full of quality menus that are guaranteed to be delicious. By adopting the concept of a modern French restaurant, Metis Lounge offers a new atmosphere in enjoying various wines and classy cocktails. The menu here is also taken very seriously by Nicolas, an experienced chef. He poured his legendary abilities into each dish, making various menus have a delicious taste in the mouth. Enjoy seafood linguini which consists of crab shrimp, squid, and clams combined with pasta linguini, cherry tomatoes, and other fresh ingredients. Processed seafood is perfect for serving with pasta, creating a feeling of satisfaction when eating it. Beautiful interior décor, modern soft sofas, elegant mini bar, and open space concept send a romantic atmosphere to every visitor.