What Are the Best Places to Eat in Bali?

Sep 16, 2019
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Bali is categorized as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Bali's natural beauty has attracted many people from various parts of the world, both local and foreign. Bali has many beautiful beaches, beautiful waterfalls, amazing rice fields, charming mountains, unique culture, best places to eat, luxury hotels and villas, beautiful underwater panoramas, beautiful zoos, upscale restaurants, and ancient temples. Many tourist destinations allow visitors to have more activities during their holidays and visits to Bali. Some of the activities that can be done in Bali are marine activities, diving, white water rafting, adventure, and culinary tours.

Even though I am not Balinese, I have lived in Bali for almost 15 years. Because my previous job was as a tour guide, so I already knew a lot about Bali. I have visited almost all tourist destinations in Bali. I know a lot about Bali, especially when it comes to villas, hotels, and restaurants.


If you are in Bali or planning to take a vacation in Bali, do not miss the various spices served in the selected restaurants that we recommend. In addition, the average restaurant in Bali has amazingly beautiful scenery, making you amazed at God's creation. Foods that you feel will also taste much more delicious.


Here are 10 of the best restaurants in Bali:


1. Metis Lounge

Metis Longue is one of the best restaurants in Bali located in Seminyak that offers a sensation of luxury dining that is full of quality menus that are guaranteed to be delicious. By adopting the concept of a modern French restaurant, Metis Lounge offers a new atmosphere in enjoying various wines and classy cocktails. The menu here is also taken very seriously by Nicolas, an experienced chef. He poured his legendary abilities into each dish, making various menus have a delicious taste in the mouth. Enjoy seafood linguini which consists of crab shrimp, squid, and clams combined with pasta linguini, cherry tomatoes, and other fresh ingredients. Processed seafood is perfect for serving with pasta, creating a feeling of satisfaction when eating it. Beautiful interior décor, modern soft sofas, elegant mini bar, and open space concept send a romantic atmosphere to every visitor.


2. The Warung - Alila Villas Uluwatu

Warung is one of the most famous restaurants full of art, located within the resort of Alila Villas Uluwatu. Uniquely, this resort is located on a cliff, so the scenery offered is truly extraordinary. If you visit here, you will experience a real holiday and culinary sensation, where the taste of food will be far more delicious. This restaurant is surrounded by a fresh natural atmosphere, green grass that spoils the eyes, a clear swimming pool, and the architecture of cool spaces, made of selected wood. Everything is designed close to nature.


3. Cuca Bali Restaurant

Cuca Bali Restaurant is located in Jimbaran. Among the many restaurants in Jimbaran, Cuca is still the best. This is not only my personal impression but also based on the testimonies of people who have tasted quality service from this restaurant. For them, security and guest satisfaction must take precedence. To achieve this, they always improve the quality of their services every day. This restaurant uses fresh local ingredients carefully chosen by the chefs.

Serious attention to customer satisfaction forces them to process selected ingredients to make them more delicious. The unique thing in this place is that the food menu is served in small portions, but the presentation is extraordinarily unique. You will be interested in trying other menus. Visiting Cuca Bali means you will have the chance to experience fine dining in Bali. The purpose of offering small portions of food is to allow guests to taste other types of food too.

When it comes to restaurant concepts, Cuca is one of the best. Cuca Bali has four types of meals, namely the dining room, garden lounge, cocktail bar, and food bar. All have interesting concepts and designs. Choose a place that suits you, so you will experience unparalleled satisfaction when dining here.


4. Rock Bar Bali

Rock Bar Bali is one of the best places to eat in Bali which is located in the Ayana resort just 14 meters above the Indian Ocean. This restaurant offers a different sensation to enjoy that night. If you want to hunt the best sunset while enjoying a quality meal, you must come here. In addition to the sunset, you will also be spoiled by sea views and electric shocks from DJ music that arouses enthusiasm. Splash the waves as if united to entertain you. The menu recommended here is the king of shrimp Saganaki. In addition, you can order chicken popcorn, chicken pieces coated with special flour and savory special ingredients.


5. Sisterfield

Do you want to eat a food menu at pocket-friendly prices? You can visit Sisterfield, Seminyak Bali. This place is not inferior to other restaurants. The place is comfortable, the architecture is okay, and the food served is also good. Be prepared to queue for long if you come here.

Sisterfield put forward the concept of Australian nuance, quality of food, and fragrant coffee as the main attraction of this restaurant. Interior decoration can be said to be simple but very impressive. The furniture uses a minimalist concept, making the room feel light and airy. Plus, many glass doors and windows that are beautifully combined, make this restaurant look bright.


6. Gloves

Inspired by the wealth of culinary tastes in Southeast Asia, Sarong is here to answer everything. This restaurant in Seminyak Bali carries the theme of dishes ranging from Indonesian menus to typical Indian menus. The sarong was founded in 2008 led by professional chef Will Meyrick. His cold hands managed to create a variety of very tasty dishes. Sarong is proud to present dishes born from perfect authentic recipes. The menu is always liked by the tongue of visitors from any country.


7. Mozaic Ubud

This restaurant has a special taste because the famous chef Chris Salans cooks it wholeheartedly. Chris Salans is a MasterChef Indonesia trap, so his cooking skills are undoubted. In addition to its unique presentation full of art, it also feels to shake the tongue. Each menu is like a beautiful blend of beautiful orchestras. Regarding restaurant decor, Mozaic takes on a romantic theme, setting 20 tables around the garden. On the table, there are candles and cutlery arranged in special set up. Inviting your lover here is a good idea, so that will add to your love for him.


8. Ku De Ta

This restaurant is located in Seminyak, Kuta. There are many international dishes and open bars here accompanied by an outdoor atmosphere. Interestingly, in this place, you can also enjoy beautiful sea views. Ku De Ta has the same concept as in Perth, Australia. Ku De Ta Bali overlooks the Indian Ocean, with soft sofas and shady bright red umbrellas. Don't worry if you are hungry when you wake up. Ku De Ta is open since 8 am You will be accompanied by a variety of special dishes ranging from Japan, Spain, Italy and more.


9. Ju-Ma-Na

Ju-Ma-Na is very suitable as a place for those of you who want to feel a romantic atmosphere with a partner. The beautiful restaurant decor with all-white and luxurious furniture arrangement is a mandatory destination for viewers. Here you will get a view that is so beautiful thanks to the sea that stretches out in front of it. Eating delicious dishes while accompanied by sea breeze is a very pleasant activity. Don't forget to taste Angus steak tenderloin which consists of 200 grams of roast beef with perfect maturity and complemented with mashed potatoes.


10. SOS Supper Club

SOS Supper Club is one of the restaurants and bars that everyone dreams of. This place offers a different dining sensation. The scenery here is amazing, giving you the best location to see the sunset. The restaurant's mainstay menu is seafood, various international menus, steaks, and vegetarians. The atmosphere is very comfortable, allowing you to enjoy food easily. High-quality wine is also ready to accompany you until the early hours.


Those are the top 10 restaurants in Bali. The decision is yours. You choose the one that suits your taste. If you ask my opinion about which restaurant you should go to, I would definitely recommend you to go to the Cuca restaurant. Why? This restaurant is unique and special. Their uniqueness lies in the many types of food they offer. Hopefully, you enjoy reading my information.