Ways to Relax in Bali

Nov 02, 2021
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Bali is a famous vacation destination in Indonesia. This beautiful island country has been drawing in tourists for decades. While you are there, make sure to soak in the sun and try some of these relaxing activities.

Visit a Beach

Being an island country, Indonesia is famous for its beaches. One great beach to check out is Canggu Beach (also called Batu Bolong). This is a beautiful black sand beach, which is harder to find in other parts of the world. Here, the ocean water is blue and warm-- perfect for a swim. 

Even if you do not like to swim, there are still plenty of things to do at the beach. It is an exceptional area to get a great tan. Visitors can also check out the local beach club-- Finn's Beach Club. Here, you can find drinks galore, as well as a pool, in case you don't want to spend time in the salty ocean water.

Stay at a Day Spa

The day spas in Bali are less expensive than ones you might find in the United States. One famous day spa in Bali is the Bliss Sanctuary for Women. It is the perfect island getaway for any girl's trip. Here, the prices vary based on which package you pick. Most packages are priced by the week and include yoga, food, meditation, massages, spa treatments, sightseeing, and more. 

Of course, visitors can also stop into a day spa for a treatment or two. Any great massage or spa treatment is sure to make your vacation a little more relaxing. While you are there, you may be able to get more tips on other relaxing activities to try.

Dive into the Sea

While going to the beach is one thing you can do for free, if you are willing to spend a little extra cash, you can try your hand at snorkeling. There are a variety of businesses all around the island country that can share this experience with you. 

One thing that makes snorkeling in Bali so unique is the turquoise blue water. The waters surrounding Bali are also filled with all sorts of colorful tropical fish. You can get so close to them that you might even be able to touch them! 

Snorkeling in Bali is also relatively safe. Since 1990, Bali has had only five recorded shark attacks. None of these attacks were fatal. With such a good track record, it is safer to snorkel in Bali than it is in some parts of the United States.

Know the Laws

Lastly, the best way to relax is to make sure that you do not find yourself in any trouble. Indonesia has some laws that Americans may not think of when visiting. Firstly, visitors should carry some form of identification on their person at all times. This includes both an ID and a passport. Officials may request to see these documents as you travel throughout the country, especially if you are there for an extended amount of time, such as with the aid of a Residents Stay Permit.

It should also be noted that both drugs and gambling are strictly illegal in Indonesia. While you can still find drugs and gambling locations in the country, it is best to avoid them entirely. Neither crimes are taken lightly and punishment can include years in prison. Even cannabis products that do not contain THC, like many CBD gummies, are illegal even though they do not produce a high. When in doubt, stay away from any drugs, whether they are related to a CBD flower or not.

What could be more relaxing than visiting a tropical island country? So long as you know how to keep yourself safe, there should be hardly anything that can stress you out in this beautiful vacation destination. Whether you love the ocean, beach, or just staying in a spa with your friends, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Bali.