Wanna know a secret about The Bali Bible? Read this

Aug 21, 2018
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OK, so we're going to let you in on a little secret... 


For two years we've been working our butts off to become more than just your 'travel buddy' for Bali, and way more than just your escape from the daily grind...


As travellers ourselves, we wanted to be there for you, helping you along the entire journey from when you dream of your favourite beachfront accommodation, to when you get overwhelmed with which restaurants you have to check out (and trust us, there are A LOT right now)... or perhaps which are the hottest and coolest new places that opened recently.


We're here for you.


So... start shortlisting all the potential places you want to visit for your up and coming holiday - and now check rates and pricing for your favourite hotels, resorts, villas and their availability all on the one site.


We know its so much more than just the transit to a destination, the flight, or how luxe the hotel is - it's the little things along the way that makes a holiday so memorable - and we're all for ensuring the entire experience is seamless (and way more fun)... so to help we are here to help record the memories you have on your holiday, and be there as you travel round Bali, giving you cool deals on the hottest new places, and even giving you a platform to show off your epic holiday to your friends and family, and even getting #instafamous along the way...


We've been inspiring Bali holidays for almost 10 years now and have a trusted audience of over 2 million followers, subscribers and users.


The past experience has been all about sending our users off too other booking sites - well no longer - as we want you to stay with us, experience Bali with us and store your holiday memories with us...


So as the 15th August 2018, your best friend when it comes to discovering Bali has just rolled out the first stage of many new exciting updates to our site... our own booking engine.


You might go - 'Woahhh!!! Why create another booking site?' ... Well - we're not.


This thing is totally different... It's so much more than just a booking site - and as travellers who go to Bali a lot, we know it'll help. 


Here are the top 5 reasons why you should book with us (we could list over a thousand but stopped at 5):


1. We're like an aggregator... but WAY better!


We are working with multiple partners (including Agoda, Expedia, Amadeus, Webbeds and direct with a bunch of leading hotel providers - these are like the big dogs when it comes to booking hotels) to ensure we have the best pricing, but also the best choice and options that are available to you. Not sure what this means? 


Well, when you search for that sick tree bungalow in Ubud, or the 5 star beachfront resort in Seminyak - we'll do all the hard work behind the scenes and find you the BEST possible price from all of our partners and let you book it seamlessly , no matter the provider, all on the one site - thebalibible.com


Cool huh? (keep reading it gets even better)


2. Looking for advice? Well... we've got tons of it.


Not sure where to go because stuff changes ALL the time in Bali? We know - this is why we've invited hundreds of expats, locals and regulars to create their own shortlists and articles to help guide you about what is good, what is hot right now, or simply what is suitable to your needs and budget.


3. Overwhelmed and not sure where to start? It's OK - we've got your back.


We give you the ability to shortlist all your favourite hotels or see other peoples lists and copy them to your own, so you can edit, delete, and add all your favourites to your own shortlist, then check pricing and availability from all of our partners in one page. 


No more noise and hundreds of hotels to pick from - Shortlist your favourite hotels then compare them all in one page and at the best price!


4. Connect to real people that are LIKE YOU!


Our focus is to showcase the best of Bali that relates to YOU. Everyone travels differently, and we're working our butts off to ensure we can connect you to likeminded travellers - family of 4 and looking for family friendly resorts with great kids club - we've got you covered! Looking for some group accommodation in Seminyak near eat street - our community has you covered. Not sure what you are looking for? Browse real people's recommendations and their profiles on the site.


5. Now here's the kicker, get rewarded for booking with us!

To ensure you get the most value for that hard earned money, for a limited time we're throwing in a voucher up to the value of $400 to some of Bali’s most popular venues for anyone who books with us! So jump on our website and check out some of the great offers available to anyone who books with us - hurry, limited time only!


Spend $1,000 or more on your holiday accommodation and get one of the below vouchers for FREE!


Spend $2,500 or more and get one of the below vouchers for FREE!


Iris Lustig-Moar
Tell me about Grand Mirage Hotel, thats where we have booked already
3 years ago