Villa Bugis in Seminyak

Jan 31, 2020
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About Villa Bugis

Actually, Villa Bugis is running under the PT. Villa Property and Rental. Villa Bugis is a trusted company that was instituted in 2005. Villa Bugis runs around 40s deluxe villas in some different locations around the Seminyak area. Those four places are Green Gardens, Seven Gardens, Seminyak Gardens, and Drupadi Gardens. This luxurious Villa Bugis offers some special villas just for wedding ceremonies, birthday celebrations, family gatherings, and other great occasions. If you are looking for good wedding villas in Seminyak, Villa Bugis should be included on your lists. All Villa Bugis’ villas are beautifully constructed by Balinese professional architects.



Several kinds of villas in Villa Bugis


1. Villas with private pools

Villas are one of the best places to stay during the holiday. Villa Bugis manage around 30 villas and each of them has a private pool. Staying at Seminyak private pool villas will help you to experience a great holiday in Bali. All the villas are really applicable for a family vacation. Privacy is very significant to each one of us. There are many reasons why privacy matters. When you are vacationing in Seminyak, surely, you won’t disregard your privacy. Not all things and activities that you do should be shown to the public. You certainly desire for relaxation and freedom. One of the many ways to keep your privacy during your holiday in Bali is to stay at Seminyak private pool villas. You can choose any type of accommodation. You can book for the luxurious one, cheaper one or super expensive one. It depends on your budget. But you must remember that not every accommodation can truly guarantee to keep your privacy.



2. Villa for families

Deciding to have a family vacation in Bali is a brilliant choice. There are many places around Bali where you can spend your days greatly with your dearest ones. Seminyak is one of the most visited places in Bali which is really suitable for a family holiday. Villa Bugis are precisely intended for families. There are many villas with a distinctive number of bedrooms available in Villa Bugis. If you are vacationing with your family and want to stay in Seminyak, you can book Villa Bugis. Villa Bugis a great villa for families in Seminyak. You will stay comfortable. You can opt for a villa that has 4 to 6 bedrooms if you are many. All villas in Villa Bugis are provided with swimming pools.




3. Villas for wedding

Villa Bugis is designed in such a way that it becomes a perfect place for some special celebrations such as a wedding, birthday celebrations, and family gatherings. Villa Bugis is constructed with typical Balinese styles and designs. If you are looking for wedding villas in Seminyak, you can use Villa Bugis. the creative Villa Bugis Team has successfully managed a big number of wedding celebrations in Bali. Villa Bugis has many villas with a different number of rooms. This great villa has everything you need to make your wedding celebrations worth-cherished. Their villas for a wedding are provided with pools exclusively used for wedding parties. They also have tropical gardens, private gazebo, bathing terrace, and many others more.



4. In-Villa Dining

Many tourists love to stay hotels and accommodations that offer breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are only tens of hotels in Seminyak where you can have breakfast and dinner for free. But you can find hundreds of villas that provide meals for you. All the payment has been included when you book the villa. Villa Bugis is a trusted in villa dining in Seminyak where you can enjoy the many tastiest Indonesian dishes. Relaxation is a common reason why people are going on vacation. Seminyak is a crowded district where you can experience being trapped in jam traffic for hours at any time. To avoid this frustrating tragedy, it is a brilliant idea to book for an in-villa dining Seminyak. Generally, this type of villa has bars and cafes.



If you are vacationing with your family, friends, and relatives, you should choose a perfect place to stay where your group can stay comfortably. Your group holiday in Bali can become more remarkable and enjoyable if you choose some 3-bedroom villas in Seminyak. The bigger the number your group is, the bigger the villa you need.