Use our App to find nearby water Refill Stations !

Feb 18, 2019
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RefillMyBottle : An App that helps you reduce plastic consumption

Download the RefillMyBottle App and access our map. You will find all the nearby locations where you can refill your water bottle for free or minimum fee. Look for RefillMyBottle stickers in the windows of shops, cafes, galleries and other businesses!

What is RefillMyBottle ?

We are a community of responsible travelers, conscious locals and mindful business owners who take action against plastic waste.

We offer a convenient alternative to disposable plastic bottles. Our dream is a world without a single-use plastic item and we decided to focus on bottles since water is human beings' most needed element.

How did we start?

RefillMyBottle was initiated in Bali - a highly and increasingly touristic island where over 6 million disposable plastic bottles are used and discarded every month in Bali alone.

The lack of waste management systems means that these water bottles end up in landfills, the ocean, or are burned which creates toxic fumes. The problem definitely needs to be tackled at the source by reducing consumption of plastic water bottles. A group of sustainable businesses in Bali came up with the simple idea of providing access to drinking water to all who need it - without having to buy a plastic water bottle. They created RefillMyBottle.

RefillMyBottle Now

RefillMyBottle has grown significantly. South-East Asian countries - but not only - facing the same issue joined us in the fight against plastic waste, and local Refill Ambassadors who know their environment better than anyone, work to build a community of RefillStations at their local level.

About 1000 RefillStations are now available in more than 9 countries.