UBUD: The Soul of Bali & Spiritual Awakening

Nov 27, 2018
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The town of UBUD is located in the upland of Bali & well known in the world as a traditional craft & dance on Bali island. UBUD are been surrounding by the rainforest & terraced rice paddies, also combined by Hindu’s temple and shrines are most famous landscapes among Bali Island. With ancient and lots of Balinese culture, many tourists around the world are going to UBUD while their visit on Bali island. Set in the green terraced hills around one - hour drive from the bustling south, UBUD is the soul of Bali. Where every day traditional dances and elaborate temple ceremonies add color to the crowded streets while traveling yogis look on. World class restaurants share space with vegan eateries, smoky live music venues and cocktail bars. As the artistic center of the island; UBUD is home to silversmiths, stone carvers and painters. The Royal Palace, The Sacred Monkey Forest, and the famous Art Market are all on the must-see list. A magnet for the healthier life is been the scenery, UBUD has become a center of spiritual playground around Bali. With everything from elaborate vegan eats, cleanses, to every type of yoga and healing imaginable - this is where Western spirituality and Balinese traditions live side by side.

The question now, will the trip would you give you different experience rather than common place that people usually visit in Bali? The answer is definitely indeed it is that UBUD will give you a different experience that you would never found in another place in Bali. From the traditions that still preserve by local people to the art and healthy life; UBUD has been the center heart of Bali and spiritual awakening for many people around the world that comes to Bali. The book of Elizabeth Gilbert and her bestselling book; Eat Pray Love, have inspired a generation of people in search of themselves to lead them to Bali’s sacred holistic spiritual life. You can feel the burden in your shoulder feels loose, your face looks relaxed and tears will begin to fall on your checks.