UBUD: The Soul of Bali & Spiritual Awakening

Nov 27, 2018
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The town of UBUD is located in the upland of Bali & well known in the world as a traditional craft & dance on Bali island. UBUD are been surrounding by the rainforest & terraced rice paddies, also combined by Hindu’s temple and shrines are most famous landscapes among Bali Island. With ancient and lots of Balinese culture, many tourists around the world are going to UBUD while their visit on Bali island. Set in the green terraced hills around one - hour drive from the bustling south, UBUD is the soul of Bali. Where every day traditional dances and elaborate temple ceremonies add color to the crowded streets while traveling yogis look on. World class restaurants share space with vegan eateries, smoky live music venues and cocktail bars. As the artistic center of the island; UBUD is home to silversmiths, stone carvers and painters. The Royal Palace, The Sacred Monkey Forest, and the famous Art Market are all on the must-see list. A magnet for the healthier life is been the scenery, UBUD has become a center of spiritual playground around Bali. With everything from elaborate vegan eats, cleanses, to every type of yoga and healing imaginable - this is where Western spirituality and Balinese traditions live side by side.

The area around UBUD is characterized by gently rolling rice paddies, and these create an impression of greenness which can be quite startlingly beautiful. This is especially true to the south and southeast of the town. Any visitor approaching from the south will appreciate this and it is worth a stop just to absorb the gentle beauty of it all. Northeast of UBUD center the land starts to become more undulating, and this is a good place to view Bali's classic rice terraces. The village of TEGALLALANG is very much a tourist trap, but it is worth braving the hordes of trinket peddlers to view the stunning terraces there. From the town center and then turn north and continue about 9km until you reach TEGALLALANG. Look for the picture postcard rice terraces on your right-hand side. On the opposite side of town in the CAMPUHAN, SANGGINGAN & KEDEWATAN areas, the landscape changes dramatically as great gorges have been carved out of the limestone land base by lots of rivers. It's no surprise that so many five star hotels have made their home in these lush, dramatic valleys. The people of UBUD are incredibly open and foreigners are welcomed into the local religious tradition. If you have the opportunity to see or participate in some of the spiritual rituals in UBUD; Such as the cremations and traditional purification ceremonies, you absolutely should see or participate in those kinds of events to feel the ambiences.

One place that you should visit in UBUD area is TIRTA EMPUL Sacred Temple that located in the village of TAMPAK Siring and very accessible by transportation from UBUD. Built in the 9th Century and has thirteen ornate spouts; TIRTA EMPUL Sacred Temple for more a thousand years have been a holy place for Balinese people, which some of them said that this temple been built by their Holy God’s. The temple itself is like a common temple in Bali, the layout has been divided into three courtyards. At the first courtyard, there is a pool for public bathing place and total number of shrines at this temple are thirty nits currently after later addition by local people who have the responsibility for the temple. In the main attraction; There is a long big pool carved of stone, which allow people to bathing and get cleansing by their demonic spirit or their seeking for healing on their body. This pool filled by Koi fish and fed by the sacred spring via 12 fountains and many people visit there bring bottles to get holy water according to them & bring that holy water home. Third courtyard is usually where lot people hangout with sacred monkey and waiting their family for praying inside 2nd courtyard.

UBUD are also the home for vegan and vegetarian food lovers. In the past few years; UBUD has become a capital in Bali for healthy food, with rawer, vegan and vegetarian restaurant across per square all around UBUD street. In nearby villages, you also can found as well-known Java Coffee & LUWAK Coffee. The food also very lots of option if you are vegan & vegetarian, UBUD is like the place that you should visit if you loved organic food and organic body care because they made it with very natural ingredients. Not only food, but the drinks as well became comes up in menu card in every restaurant in UBUD. For LUWAK Coffee for instead, which the coffee beans have been digested by the LUWAK animal are became so popular place that been visit by travelers around the world. Not too far away from TEGALLALANG, there is LUWAK-Coffee Plantations who can gave you experiences how the process making LUWAK Coffee from beginning until end up in the glass of Coffee.