Traveling To Bali - How I Discovered Asia For Myself

Dec 07, 2019
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Since this was my first trip to Asia in my life, everything was new and unusual for me, so some things that seem normal to you are new to me. For a long time I could not plan a trip to distant Asian countries, partly because that I work a lot on my dissertations and all this, since I work as a freelancer in the Tutoriage, I write student works, articles and texts for web sites. So I want tell you about my traveling in my article.

love Europe, and also because I was a little biased and was held hostage to stereotypes about Asia, as if it were dirty everywhere and there was no civilization. But in the end, until you try to travel yourself, you will not be able to form an opinion, so I conceived this plan in my head. And, as it was the last time with me, the chance itself was not long in coming - the friend we met in Ibiza was invited to stay in Thailand ... What does Bali have to do with it, you ask. It so happened that he usually winters in Thailand, but this time they went with friends to explore a new country and island - the mysterious Indonesia and the mystical island of Bali ... I began to study Asia from Bali - plus, on the way back we decided to visit Singapore, which made my opinion about Asia's most complete.



So, while the guys settled things with moving from Thailand to Bali, time passed and managed to buy a ticket only a month and a half before departure. As a result of sane flights to Bali airport, Denpasar was no longer left, so I spent a day hanging out in Singapore, and JetStar low-cost flights, one-way Singapore - Bali ticket cost about 3,000 rubles along with luggage and other payments. Back AirAsia cost less than about 1500r. Low-cost airlines in Asia are very decent, no complaints))

General Description of Bali

Contrary to the prevailing Internet stereotype that Bali is a paradise island with fabulous beaches, this is far from the truth. But there is no doubt that this is a fabulous island. Therefore, when I was traveling to Bali, I was already prepared for the fact that I was not going on a vegetable beach vacation, but for new impressions and emotions.

Instead of calm azure of the sea - the raging elements of the ocean.

Instead of snow-white sand - black volcanic sand.

Instead of a serene hotel holiday - the insane movement of the Asian town and vast distances.

Instead of “all inclusive” - specific Asian cuisine.

Unrestrained surfers instead of lazy tourists on loungers.

Instead of the standard attractions of any resort - incredible spectacular sunsets and views of Balinese temples on the water.

And stuff like that, it turned out to be such a different world, another planet, that it is simply impossible to imagine.


Visa to Bali

A visa to Bali (and Indonesia) is not needed for me, but you have the right to stay on the island for no more than 30 days, and then you must either extend the visa for another 30 days at the local government, or leave the country. At the entrance, check the completed entry form, which must be completed without errors and provide all the information about being on the island, otherwise you will be fined. And pay for a visa $ 25. For an extension of stay - the same amount, and surprisingly, when leaving - once again you pay $ 25! In general, for permanent residence in Bali is very expensive, but you can make some kind of social visa for a period of six months.

Bali Weather

Since Bali is located almost at the equator, there is eternal summer, but it has its own characteristics. In fact, the seasons are the other way around when we have winter - they have summer, and this is considered not the season, as it is very hot, humid and rainy. But they say that tropical showers are short-lived, but the storm nails a lot of garbage ashore, so I would think about whether to go to Bali, for example, on our New Year. When it’s summer, it’s winter, which means by their standards, it’s cool, it’s + 28-30, and the climate is drier and more comfortable. That is, the season in Bali is approximately from April to October.

I was at the end of March - the rain was only once, in the afternoon it is very hot and sunny, of course it is very humid, but very comfortable in the mornings and evenings. In general, I didn’t really suffer, and for the entire time I was on the island I never got any makeup or a hairdryer)))) However, once I went down the road along the ocean and wandered in search of a port, I got very badly burned. Therefore, I advise you to stock up on clothing that covers all parts of the body.

Transport in Bali

In my opinion, public transport does not exist here as a species. Although I probably just do not know. Everyone drives on mopeds, motobikes and motorbikes. Contrary to the stereotype that Bali is a calm, quiet island, the movement here is just crazy!