Transportation in Bali- how to explore in Bali

Jul 07, 2018
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Many types of transportation exist in Bali, some are more tourist friendly than others. If you do not depend on your hotel to take you around - there's nothing wrong with it - you can get around the city on foot, by bicycle or motorbike, by taxi or private car with driver

If you want to go between cities, you can catch a domestic plane, public bus, or rent a private car, taxi, car / driver rental package, or rent a car for self-driving

Some types of vehicles in bali and tip choose:


Taking a taxi in Bali works the same way as anywhere else - you call a taxi from the side of the road, a taxi stops to pick you up, and goes from there.

Bali Private Taxi Service Near Me

Some taxis are not too honest: some favorite tricks claim to have broken meters, or long journeys, among others. for now there are 4 types of taxi in bali: Blue Taxis read "Bali Taxi" (known as Blue Bird Taxis), the taxi purple "Wahana Taxi", Taxi silver "Ngurah Rai Bali Taxi". Airport Ngurah Rai Taxi, they will use the minimum rate of 25,000 payment and every 1 kilometer will be charged 6000 for every kilometer added.For more information, tips on taxis in Bali please read bali private taxi article


If you have cash, you can rent a car in Bali, with the option to drive it by yourself. If you rent from a reputable car company, you can benefit from driving your own vehicle to a less-traveled destination in Bali, with your reach limited only by your gas budget.
Daily rates range from about $ 20 for a small car up to about $ 60 for a large van; gas not included. More info and booking feel free to whatsapp us +6282144055762


A great way to explore Bali itself; Let you create your own travel schedule and explore the streets that do not run at your own pace, because in addition to the cheap price is also very compatible with the state of the road in bali especially in crowded areas,

If you are a really great rider, rent a motorbike and try to ride through the streets of Bali. Be a very defensive driver if you do this, make sure you have travel insurance, and be very, very careful out there.
daily rates range from about $ 4 to $ 10 depending on engine displacement; gas not included, For more information on your road motorcycles around Bali. Contact Us


Car rental with driver in bali is a car rental package with an English speaking driver as a couple or a Bali holiday travel guide. You feel more relaxed to enjoy the atmosphere of the journey and the environment while listening to your driver brief info for the tourist attraction of Bali.

You are not worried about losing your way, puzzle about the traffic on Bali road. Just relax and show where you want to go around the island of Bali and your driver will be happy to take you to your favorite destination or trip.

Cheap Car Rental with Driver in Bali

So make your holiday trip in Bali unforgettable with the Bali car rental experience to explore the island culture of thousands of temples.
Rental rates are usually for use up to Full Day Charter 10 hours a day, and Half Day Charter 5 hours a day. Bali Private Tour and Transport Service In Bali