Top 5 popular tourist places on the island of Lombok

Sep 01, 2019
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The Indonesian island of Lombok offers many attractions, both natural and manmade, which will not let you get bored while traveling in Bali.

1. Rinjani Volcano

Rinjani Mount is one of the main beauties of the island. Climbing Rinjani, where the picturesque volcanic lake is also located, does not require special skills, as the slope of the mountain is smooth. However, one should keep in mind that the height of the mountain is 3,726 meters, and therefore the climbing will take at least one day. Then you will need to spend the night there and go down.

We recommend contacting local travel agencies offering hiking tours. You can climb the mountain accompanied by a guide and porters. You can choose a convenient program of the tour. For example, according to a simple program, you can climb to the edge of the crater to the height of up to 2,700 meters.

For lovers of hiking there are offers that are more eventful: climbing to the crater, relaxing by the lake and hot springs, and then climbing to the top of the mountain. The cost of such services starts from about 111 dollars.

2. Narmada Water Park

Another tourist destination is the Narmada Water Park, founded as early as in the XIX century by the royal dynasty. Narmada is a landscape architectural object of majestic size. On a large area, there are many attractions.

For example, you can visit the Hindu temple Pura Kalasa, which is a monument of architecture. Probably, the fountain of youth, wrapped in a shroud of mystery, will attract your attention. The islanders sincerely believe that the water from this fountain can give a person eternal youth.

After seeing all the wonders, you can visit the familiar modern water park, where you will not be able to get bored.

3. Southern beaches

One of the most famous beaches of Lombok — Kuta beach — is located in the south of the island. Many tourists point out not only the wonderful natural landscapes surrounding the beach, but also an active nightlife full of entertainment and fun.

Another beach loved by the island’s guests is Senggigi beach, which is less popular than the sands of Kuta, but is also able to provide a comfortable rest for everyone. In addition to the beaches popular with travelers, there are plenty of quiet corners with clean soft sand and gentle waters where you can sunbathe and take air baths in complete solitude.

4. Mayura Water Palace

Mayura Water Palace is of historical significance — in the past it was the center of the political life of the island. Now, being close to the bustling business district, it attracts tourists with traditional Balinese architecture.

The buildings of the palace complex are located around a large pool and are immersed in the greenery of a picturesque garden, enclosed by a low wall of natural stone. A separate Bale Kambang pavilion, which can be reached via a small bridge, was used as a courtroom, and negotiations took place here.

At the end of the XIX century, the palace was almost destroyed during hostilities between local residents and the Dutch conquerors. Later a huge park with statues and fountains was made there. The park has become a favorite leisure area for citizens; you can visit it from 7:00 to 19:30, entrance is paid.

5. Pura Meru Temple

There are several Hindu temples on the island, but Pura Meru, built in 1720, is considered the largest. Giant drums, which stand in the outer courtyard of the temple, call local Hindus for ceremonial services with their loud sound. In the courtyard there are 33 beautiful statues dedicated to gods such as Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. Before you enter the temple, you should leave a donation. The guard standing at the entrance will certainly make an entry about this in a special book.

Lombok is a fairly big island, so it’s impossible to see around and explore all its wealth in one day. Visitors come here frequently to admire the natural beauty. Therefore, there are less tourists than in Bali, however, we can assure you, that the rest on the island of Lombok will be good and full of interesting adventures and new discoveries!