Three travel-changing tips for first timers to Indonesia

Nov 08, 2018
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1. Download GRAB or Go Jek.

Haggling is quickly becoming a thing of the past with the new GRAB and GoJek transport and food delivery services now available throughout Indonesia. Simply download the GRAB and GoJek App and never get ripped off again! You can even GRAB or GoJek it from the airport into central Kuta for only $2! Yes, you read correctly, it’s that cheap! Beats the $15 minimum you’d be paying for a taxi or private car service. These apps really will change the way you travel in Indo forever, leaving more change in your pocket for Bintangs and massages!

2. Buy A SimCard before you exit the airport.

?It’s a bit too easy to do, so why wouldn’t you? There’s a stall at the arrival gate which you can’t miss. It takes 5 minutes and the helpful staff will do everything for you, all you need to do is hand them your phone and $10. Having internet for GPS navigation, gramming as you go throughout all the hot Indo destinations, and keeping in touch with fellow travelers via Whatsapp or Facebook messenger is pretty invaluable and kind of a no-brainer.

3. Carry tissues and hand sanitiser with you at all times!

Let’s be honest, the toilet ‘culture’ in Indonesia can cause serious culture shock. So start prepping now to meet the infamous squat pan. Having tissues and hand santiser handy means you’ll stay comfortable and won’t need to toilet hop from resort to resort. Butt - when you do find a good toilet, make good use of it, never know when you’ll find another!