08 Nov, 2018

The best health clubs in Bali

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Health nuts listen up! If you’re addicted to your gym routine and are avoiding going on holidays because of it, avoid no more. Bali has some renowned establishments that are located near all the main tourist attractions so you can work out whilst you holiday.

Crossfit Wanderlust

The largest CrossFit training centre on the island, Wanderlust will meet all your training requirements with state of the art equipment, professional personal trainers and some next level classes that will help you burn off all those Bintangs.

Daily Gym

For a workout with some eye candy on the side, Daily will deliver daily. Their group classes are especially well known offering Boxing, Muay Thai and all the usuals with instructors that will motivate even the laziest holiday goers.


For something a little different why not mix your exercise regime up when on holidays. Hammerhead offers a huge range of classes including Zumba and Belly dancing so why not burn those calories to some funky beats with some guaranteed giggles.

Fortitude Bali

If you want to know where all the locals go to get their workout fix, let us introduce Fortitude. This new, trending gym has got it all with super friendly staff and some cutting-edge training programs that are sure to test the junkiest of gym junkies.