Tattoon Tattoo Bali - Tips Before Getting A Tattoo

May 06, 2019
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Getting a tattoo in bali could be tricky if you’re new in this tattoo world. First tattoo can be very tricky because there are things you will need to know before you step into the tattoo shop in Bali. From online reviews until you will want some more after you get your first one. Everything about it is quite simple. Some said tattoo is the only way to express themselves, some other said they just in love with the pain. But whatever your reason is these are simple things that you need to know!

1. Do some research about the tattoo shop in bali that you already have in mind or read some reviews from multiple tattoo shop in Bali if you still unsure with the tattoo shop that you already had in mind.

2. Always check the artwork through the shop and the artist’s social media.

3. Make sure if the artist will fit with the design you choose (cause some artist are specialized in some certain style).

4. Some tattoo doesn’t have to has a meaning behind it (YOLO).

5. Be open for your artist’s suggestion.

6. Don’t be shy or hesitate if you have a question you need to ask, go for it!.

7. Ask for the price for sure.

8. Don’t be such a rude client that comparing this A shop with this B shop, the artist has different experiences if you prefer to go for the cheap one then go ahead.

9. You will get what you pay for, good tattoo is not cheap and cheap tattoo (often) is not good. It is your skin choose the best.

10. Honestly it’s hurt but not that hurt. (there are thousand and millions of people get their tattoo done every day in all over the globe).

11. The pain level is various, depends on the size and the placement