Stay at Bali: a detailed guide with prices and useful tips

Feb 27, 2020
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Not everyone would be willing for such an act as relocation to Bali, yet this is a very responsible and serious decision in the life for any person. It is especially difficult decision for family members who have already settled in their native land. Work, housing, friends, acquaintances, relatives - we are so used to all of this that we no longer have a clue how to quit and leave. In this regard, we continue to cook in a common pot of everyday problems and worries.

Watching romantic films, where a couple in love carefree sets off on an exciting journey, we think: “How good they are, I also want to.” However, beyond that “want,” only few people would be brave enough to move. Often, a person simply needs a motivating impetus, which this article can serve for.


Where to relax at Bali

The first question that is brewing in my head is: “Where to go?”, But, as a rule, it appears at couch potatoes that they saw beautiful places in the world only from photographs and stories. Those who have ever been to Bali will definitely want to come back here again, and then again, again and again.

The island is a magnet that attracts thousands of tourists annually vacationing in different provinces of Bali. This is not just connected with geolocation, - as guests say, this is truly a magical place where peace and pleasure reign.

Indeed, here one can not only enjoy beautiful landscapes, but also find a new oneself, discover something unknown, unexplored, get rid of troubles and problems.

Relocate to Bali for permanent residence or go home again ?!

But any vacation ends, like a trip to Bali. We have to plunge back into the gray gloomy environment that awaits us upon our return home. Soul and mind ask us to go back, it is understandable, having worked fruitfully for a year or even several, it is not possible to fully rest in a week or two.

So the thoughts begin: “Why not immediately live in a heavenly place, and not live with the thought when you return there again?”. No need to count and cross out the days lived, give yourself a chance to enjoy life, for sure you deserve it like no other.

Relocation to Bali, where to start?

Having made a conscious decision to go on a trip, you need to make sure that the trip gives as little trouble as possible. To do this, you need to plan everything in advance. What exactly? Now we will analyze.

How much to move to Bali

The first thing to think about, for how long do you want to go live (temporarily or permanently)? First, consider the first option. To maximize your relaxation, it is recommended to stretch the travel period from 2 to 6 months. In this case, draw up a travel plan in advance, define goals and priorities (where to stay, what to see, in what conditions to live, etc.). Decide on the day of departure, buy tickets. Prepare the things that you take with you a few days before departure, one day — check again that you have missed something.

How to relocate to Bali for permanent residence: where and how to live

When choosing a home, keep in mind that it’s more profitable to take it immediately for a long time, but we recommend that you first see the place live, and only then pay. Also, when selecting a rental space, do not focus on one option, have spare ones. Dismount / call the owners, discuss the subtleties.



Check the validity of passports and the necessary documents, bank cards, visas. If you have rights, try to get an international standard in the traffic police, this will make it easier to travel during the trip. Of course, it is better that nothing like this happens, but it does not hurt to be careful, all the more insurance will cost up to 50 conventional units. Additionally, you can go through a doctor’s examination, put the necessary vaccinations.

Next, solve issues with work. If you are an employer and need to maintain close contact with employees, ensure the establishment of remote communication, for example, via Skype or using a simpler option - E-mail. This method of doing business is particularly successful in Europe, where superiors often travel to cities and countries, contacting employees using such methods. The same applies to cases when you need to communicate with customers.

If you are a dependent person, that is, you are working for someone, your task is to convince the director that being abroad, your performance will not fall, or even increase. That there is nothing wrong with your personal absence, because you will always be in touch, give foreign companies as an example.

Remote work (via the Internet) is only gaining momentum in the countries of the former CIS, but the future lies with it. Therefore, if your dream is to live abroad or travel, try to find yourself in a remote work for paper writer service for example.

There are many options for remote work. There are special trainings that teach how to switch from working offline to working online, what profession to choose, how to find employers. To get acquainted with the world of freelance, we recommend that you read a small book - 7 popular Internet professions.

What to take with you Having resolved issues with work, proceed to the technical equipment. Learn in advance one very important rule: it’s better to travel light! This will save you from unnecessary expenses for excess baggage at the airport, and will also be independent of movement. You can easily wander, walk, move from place to place. “But a trip can come in handy”, you object.

Do not worry, at Bali, many necessary things are much cheaper, even more profitable than lugging all this in your luggage. This is convinced by many people who have moved to Bali. The heavy bags and suitcases that they brought with them from their homeland were not needed, because all that was needed from clothes at Bali was light cotton clothes, a pair of T-shirts, T-shirts, shorts and Vietnamese slippers. Of course, if you plan to conquer volcanoes and mountains, it is better to bring a warm tracksuit and comfortable sports shoes.

Features of moving to permanent residence

Why did we first describe the visa regime and not the details of obtaining Indonesian citizenship? Everything is very simple and clear, to relocate Bali forever, you must first understand whether this place is suitable specifically for you and your family.

It often happens that having stayed on the island for several weeks, everything seems like a paradise, but staying here for several months, the picture changes. What is the reason for this?

With a long stay, people begin to encounter those issues and problems that they did not even think about: where the child will be studying, the diseases characteristic of the area, long-term living space at reasonable prices, work, climate and other subtleties.

We also recommend that you read reviews of people who already live in the province for about a year. We advise you to contact them directly and talk. This will help to get the right picture, provide important information about all the intricacies of moving for a long period.

Indonesian citizenship how to obtain

Regarding the receipt, this is a rather laborious process. We will not describe all the subtleties, but only indicate the conditions under which a person (not born and not living in the country until this time) can obtain citizenship:

   Provide confirmation that you renounced your former citizenship, as the law of Indonesia does not recognize dual citizenship.

   Age at least 21 years.

   Continuously reside in the country for 5 years, or have 10 years in total (intermittently).

   Lack of criminal record.

   Normal physical health and healthy mental development.

   Know Indonesian language and history.

A simpler option (who is not married) is to sign with a citizen / citizen of Indonesia.


To live at Bali for several months

As we have said, to fully experience the atmosphere of the island, you need to live here at least a few months. During this time, you can leisurely explore the sights, visit interesting and beautiful places, truly relax and have fun. But why is this place so attractive? Let's take a quick look.

Waterfalls at Bali

If you have never seen large waterfalls live, then you just need to do it. Who has already met with such a spectacle, he felt the full power of water. There are a lot of waterfalls at Bali, each of them is unique and beautiful in its own way. Some even have the opportunity to swim and get close to the falling stream. Emotions inexpressible.

Volcanoes at Bali

Although the island is relatively small in size, there are two volcanoes here - Batur and Agung. The first in height exceeds one and a half miles, the second - more than three. Fans of a sports lifestyle climb to the top, from where a wonderful view of the area opens. The process of the journey itself also causes a storm of emotions.

Bali Rice Fields

Most of the Balinese land is dotted with rice. For tourists, the fields are a curiosity that many are eager to see. If at the word “field” something similar to wheat or corn appears in your head, then you do not have even the slightest idea about rice.

Bali beaches

Frankly, Bali is not a beach island, but despite this, there are blue lagoons and white sand beaches. There is a cozy place for lovers of sunbathing and swimming, diving or snorkeling, as well as surfing enthusiasts.

Indonesia culture

Balinese are very religious, in this regard, you can see many beautiful and original Temples. Almost every morning you can see various presentations to the Gods. It will be interesting to look at the wedding ceremony.

Ubud Bali Indonesia

The cultural center of Bali, where creative people gather. Here you can always see interesting art creations. Time flies just unnoticed, there is always something to see.

Indonesia cuisine

Here you can eat very tasty. To get acquainted with non-traditional dishes for US cuisine. Learn new tastes at relatively low prices. Also on the island are many delicious fruits. Upon finding you on the island, your stomach will thank you.

Surfing and Snorkeling at Bali

Bali is a great place for surfing, big powerful waves, here it has become not just a hobby, but a way of life. But along the coast there are many quiet places where you can go diving or snorkeling, looking at the wonderful underwater world.

Fauna of Bali

The tropical island is rich in diversity and abundance of animals and birds. Special parks are open for visiting, where you can get to know each view in more detail. A rather unusual place is the island of monkeys, here you can directly "chat" with these nimble tailed inhabitants.

Island Infrastructure

Due to the large influx of tourists, the island is well equipped in terms of infrastructure: a modern airport, taxi service, rental housing, cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers, ATMs, exchange offices and much more. Everything that is so necessary for a normal life is right at hand.

Bali Indonesia monthly weather

The weather on the island is fundamentally different from the American. The usual four seasons (summer, autumn, winter, spring) are divided only into two: summer (dry season) and summer (rainy season).

Regardless of the season, the average temperature on the island is 30-32 degrees Celsius. If we differentiate the season by month, then the following picture will come out:

   The dry season is from April to October (7 months of the year).

   The rainy season is from November to February (5 months a year).

It is better to come during the dry season at Bali, and best of all during velvet (May-June, September-October), when the weather allows you to enjoy all the sights and have a great rest. The rainy season is frequent small rains or heavy rains (2-4 days). Most precipitation falls in January and February, almost 70% of the time it rains.

In the remaining months of the rainy season, precipitation is periodic (rain for several days, then clear weather, and so on).