Snorkeling in Bali: the most interesting places

Jan 08, 2020
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One of the most popular types of entertainment and outdoor activities among tourists in Bali is snorkeling under the surface of the water. Few people will bypass the opportunity to see with their own eyes the vibrant and diverse marine world.

Bali was lucky in this regard – the islands are located in the territory included in the coral triangle. These places are called the “center of marine life.” Here live about seventy-five known species of polyps and jellyfish, sea turtles, six thousand species of reef fish and more than three thousand fish that live in the open ocean. In addition, it is possible to see giant stingrays.

The most popular snorkeling spots include the following:

  • Nusa Penida;
  • Nusa Lembongan;
  • Amed;
  • Blue Lagoon.


Nusa Penida

Nusa Islands are located to the southeast of Bali, Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida belong to this group. Near each of these islands, there are places for diving. In their vicinity grows about two hundred species of coral.

Near the coast of the island of Penida, you can see the moon fish or, as it is called in another way, mola mola. There is a legend that two lovers who saw how this fish emerges from the sea in the light of the sun will always be together. In addition to the moon fish, you can see sea horses, shellfish, and butterfly fish here.

You can head to Manta Point and swim next to the giant manta rays, if you’re lucky. These friendly giants, whose fins range reaches seven meters! But you should not swim too close to them, since the stingrays weigh almost two tons and it is not known how they can behave. It is best to watch them from a distance. The water here is so clear that they can be perfectly seen from 50 meters. Experienced divers who always swim here will definitely tell you the best places to watch.

We offer to rent a yacht or catamaran and take a walk to the island of Nusa Penida, enjoying the beautiful weather, sea air and great company! The cost of renting a yacht includes accessories for snorkeling and fishing.

Amed Snorkeling

Amed is a small village located in the east of Bali. Do not say that you did snorkeling in Bali and did not visit Amed. It is really worth seeing! The water near the village of Amed is very clean, with reef currents a plenty of food is brought here, which attracts many marine inhabitants.

In addition to the fish, you can also see the Japanese boat that sunk in the Lipah bay during the Second World War. The boat rests at a depth of 6 meters, its skeleton has been overgrown with corals, past which the mackerels swim, and also the larger representatives of the sea – hammerheads, moonfish, stingrays.

The infrastructure in the village of Amed is good – here you can easily find a place to stay, and you can also try local cuisine in one of the many cafes or restaurants.

From other settlements, it is best to go here in the early morning in order to have time to return in the evening. There is little entertainment in the village itself, and on the local beaches, there are black volcanic stones that can heat up so much during the day that you will get burnt if you lean against them with skin.

Nusa Lembongan Snorkeling

In the north of the island, where mangroves grow, is the beach of Mushroom Bay, the vicinity of which is considered a popular place for snorkeling.

The currents here are quieter due to forests, which means it is safer.

Numerous mangroves attract here a huge number of fry. In no other place you will see such an amazing abundance of fish, very different in shape and color.

Nusa Lembongan snorkeling tour is great for families with children. It is quiet and calm, there are few hotels and there are almost no noisy discos or bars.

It can be reached by boat from Bali or from the islands of Gili and Nusa Penida. We offer to rent a yacht for a sea cruise to the island of Nusa Lembongan. The rental price includes snorkeling equipment, as well as fishing equipment and the services of our instructors.

Blue Lagoon Snorkeling

One of the popular snorkeling spots on the northeast coast of Bali is Padangbai. This place has become popular due to its proximity to the tourist mecca of snorkeling and diving on the island of Nusa Penida. The Blue Lagoon is the most famous snorkeling spot in Padangbai, it is a five-minute boat ride from Padang Beach.

In local waters, a shallow coral reef grows. It is quiet and calm, so tropical fish swim in abundance in clean and warm water. Often they are fed from boats, so they are almost tame and are not afraid of people.

In the Blue Lagoon snorkeling tour, beginners can try snorkeling, but also for experienced swimmers this place is interesting. Feeding fish is very spectacular and this is something that should not be missed!

Useful Tips

No matter where you are going to do snorkeling, the main thing is safety and a responsible attitude to your equipment.

Before the swim, you should listen to a briefing from an experienced trainer. It is important not to miss the details, since each spot has its own characteristics: the speed of the current, the difference in depth, the presence of toxic marine inhabitants or plants, low tides, etc.

Check the equipment provided to you: mask and snorkel, flippers, life jacket. Use a sunscreen or wear a light T-shirt – you will swim on the surface of the water and can get sunburn.

Snorkeling is an observation of marine life, do not rush to touch or try to catch one of the marine inhabitants. Corals are very brittle; you can cut yourself on their edges. Jellyfish can sting, and some species of fish are poisonous.

If it will be possible to feed the fish, then the instructor will inform you of this.