Sailing yacht that will transfer you in time

Oct 20, 2019
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Would you like to feel like a seasoned sea wolf? To be in the midst of the boundless ocean, being aboard a unique yacht, built in compliance with the historical canons of Indonesian shipbuilding?

We offer you a trip on the yacht “Phinisi”. This is a common name for high-speed Indonesian sailing ships, with a displacement of up to 350 tons, which were formerly used for long journeys. Now they serve as cruise yachts with historical and local colour.

Phinisis are two-masted sailing schooners built from a special variety of ironwood. The length of the body can be different – from 20 to 35 meters. ?-shaped masts rise up to 30 meters and are equipped with fore-and-aft sails. The gaffs of both masts do not go down and can serve as an arrow for lifting and moving loads, for example, during loading or unloading in the port. In the past, just as now, Phinisis were multipurpose schooners: they were used for fishing, cargo transportation and passenger delivery.


Despite the traceable similarity with European pinnaces, common in the Middle Ages, and Arab dhows, Indonesians consider Phinisis to be their own invention. Although there is an opinion that Phinisis are a harmonious combination of western and eastern ship traditions.

An interesting feature of Phinisi creation is the technology of the body construction from the ship skin. In this case, the boards are connected using wooden dowels, and the frames are inserted into the finished body at the final stage. Thus, the yacht is created without a single nail.

Nowadays, motor engines are often installed on the schooners. Nowadays Phinisis are as comfortable as modern counterparts, both sailing and motor boats.

Rental of Phinisi sailing yacht

Phinisi is a comfortable yacht that you can rent for a boat trip on one of the routes of your choice. It can accommodate 20 people. If you are planning an overnight trip, then there are sleeping accommodations for 10 people in three cozy cabins. The rent includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as fresh fruit and tea.

Rocking on the waves in the warm sunshine, being in the sea alone with your loved ones and friends under the open sails into which the fair wind blows, you will truly feel the taste of life!

The time spent on board such an amazing yacht will never be erased from memory.