Revolver Nights

Oct 17, 2018
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For those who remember the old mantra, ‘there’s no good coffee in Bali’ we sit back now with our foamy cappuccino grins and laugh like those days never happened. But they did, my friend. The cups of bitter mud disguised with scoops of sugar were the only available form of caffeine in the pre-Revolver era. We’d gulp that stuff down to get through our day like a desperate wine connoisseur guzzling moonshine during prohibition. But relief did arrive. Now, with a flick of the wrist, we order ‘satu lagi’ and Denny brings us another skinny piccolo latte, beaming a smile that would take me another four espressos to achieve.



It’s been five years since our liberation from the dark days of bad coffee. Revolver set the standard for what we now expect. We want our coffee not just for its effects on our adrenal glands but for the fine balance of nutty tones and acidity across the palate. Coffee is not just a beverage but the story of how each day begins. No fairytale ever began with an under-extracted cup of poorly filtered beans.


So from the people who dialled in the flavour profile of our favourite drug, there is a new reason to be excited. Revolver is opening nights. With a tailored menu and signature drinks, it’s a new angle on the concept we already love. Jesse McTavish, food designer at the forefront of Melbourne’s dining scene has been brought in to engineer your culinary experience. Tastefully modern, classically Revolver.



Would you like a drink with that? The bar features signature drinks with coffee martinis as a highlight. It’s casual and classy. Seductive yet restrained. It’s the dining and drinking experience you don’t regret the next morning. And it comes served to you by the happiest and coolest staff in Bali. Seriously, where else in Bali do the staff seem so genuinely happy to see you? Revolver 


Photo Credit: Nana Sabrina 


The decor is typically Revolver. Accidentally perfect. Like a truck full of Mexican hipsters crashed into the set of Pulp Fiction. It ushers you in and seduces you to stay. Whether you’ve just gotten out of the surf or are trying to impress someone (or everyone) there’ll be a corner you can settle into for an enjoyable evening of fine food and beverages. See you there.