Oct 10, 2017
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There are no shortage of villas between Seminyak and Canggu, but believe us Own Villa truly is unique and special in every way and a high level of luxury standard.

Hidden amongst the most typical scenery of Bali, the rice paddies, Own is a four bedroom villa perfectly located in a very peaceful area, yet close to the most glamorous bars, shops, restaurants and clubs of the island.

“Escape, relax, enjoy”, these are the keywords when staying at Own Villa, and they really come true once you try what they call your “Own experience”. Everything flows at your own rhythm, with an attentive and caring service and the feeling of an exclusive getaway.

Nestled within lush tropical greenery, the house consists of five different buildings: four bedrooms and an open-air living room. The pool of generous dimension is down by the riverside end of the property, with a view on the stunning rice fields. This layout makes Own Villa the ideal gateway for either friends or family gatherings, with the peace and quiet needed to enjoy Bali to the fullest.

The structure was designed with a clear environmentally friendly concept, in harmony with nature using materials such as alang-alang, recycled ironwood and minimal steel trimmings. There is a fascinating story for architecture lovers emerging from every little detail.

Own Villa is also the ultimate fit for guests with specific dietary needs. The chef Pak Made prepares your daily dishes according to your requirements. His repertoire is diverse and features a range of cuisines including Italian, French and Indonesian. The mix of flavours, the top presentation of dishes, and the overall experience cannot be described, it must be tried!  

The healthy Own lifestyle is completed by an optional wellness retreat package that includes tailored Spa treatments, private yoga and meditation classes. The focal point of Own Villa is “well-being” and everything is put in place to let you experience the unique serenity offered.

If you are looking for a place that breaths the authentic Bali spirit, Own Villa is the one.

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