Propose in Bali?

Jun 02, 2021
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Once you have decided on the one you want to spend your life with, the hard part is over. Now you have some fun decisions to make.

Choosing the Ring

What style of ring is right and what size will fit are the two things you need to know at this stage. Remember that you will be presenting this ring at the perfect moment. The moment will be ruined if the ring can't be slipped on right away or if the style just isn't right.

If the love of your life customarily wears rings, borrow one that she wears on her left ring finger and rush it to a jeweler for sizing before she notices it's gone.

If that strategy won't work, enlist the help of another woman in your life. A friend or relative could be very helpful in pinning down the proper size for you to buy based on thinking about how their hands compare and what size she wears herself.

The next big decision with engagement rings is choosing the style she would want. Is her normal jewelry dainty or does she prefer larger stones? Is she the traditional type or would she appreciate an unusual shape? Also think about whether she tends to wear yellow, rose or white gold.

If you know her well enough, you will probably know the right ring the minute you see it.

Choosing the Type of Presentation

The day you pick up the ring, you will probably want to surprise her with it immediately. If you carry the ring with you, any number of places and moments might seem right: walking the dog at twilight, having a lunch break together, hiking to the top of a local hill. 

Although any of these would be wonderful and special, you might decide to take it a step further and choose a more unfamiliar and exotic location.

Choosing the Location

Paris will always be one of the most romantic spots on the planet. Every season is beautiful in Paris and it is filled with romantic settings like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Bateaux-Mouches rides on the Seine. If Paris is your destination, romance will definitely be in the air and your engagement photos will be spectacular.

One of the best choices for a romantic engagement trip is to travel when Northern Lights are most likely to be visible and stay in a glass igloo. Although Iceland has clear plastic pods to view the spectacle from, Finland and other Nordic countries have glass igloos which are sturdier, larger and more comfortable. Presenting a ring during that magical light show will certainly be memorable.

Travel to England and visit any English castle. The English countryside in spring or summer can't be compared to anywhere else on Earth for natural beauty. Put together a picnic lunch and present the ring with glorious scenery all around and a castle behind you. Then head for London and a fancy hotel and spend a night on the town.

Bali is a sensual and exotic island. If your idea of heaven is pristine beaches and beautiful scenery, then head to Bali and propose while having breakfast on your own treehouse balcony or beach hut. Then head out for a boat ride where you can both admire how the ring sparkles in the sunlight.

If staying closer to home is your goal, head to New York City and if possible, take the train. Train rides are fun and scenic and a more relaxing way to travel than flying. Make a list of possible ring presentation spots like Times Square, the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park or intermission at a Broadway show. You really can't go wrong because there are fantastic engagement photo ops everywhere in the city.

Becoming engaged should be a very special occasion. Dream big and imagine several scenes before deciding where your engagement will take place.