Prepping Your Health Before Your Action-Packed Vacation In Bali

Jan 29, 2021
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?You are an avid daredevil planning your next adrenaline-fueled, adventure vacation in Bali. You’ve chosen your destination well. Do you know you can zipline between coastal cliffs, or hike up to a gorgeous waterfall and then slide down it into a pool of turquoise water? Of course, you do! You also plan on climbing an active volcano, canyoning in deep gorges and jumping off a cliff into the bluest ocean you can fathom. You’re totally equipped for this...aren’t you? While your mind may be ready for all the extreme fun you’re bound to have, your body needs a little prep work. Here are a few things you should consider doing before you board the plane in order to maximize your ultimate Bali experience.

Combat Jet Lag

Regardless of how fit you are, jet lag can put a severe damper on your trip. You can’t be out having the time of your life if you’re sleeping the day away in your bungalow. Studies show that lack of sleep leads to a weaker immune system. It can take days to acclimate to a new circadian rhythm, and you don’t want to run out of energy in the middle of your strenuous activity. Begin a regimen of active pk supplements to increase your energy levels as you travel, and be mindful of how many activities you schedule within the first few days of the trip.

Consult Your Doctor

See your doctor at least 6 weeks ahead of your travel date and inform him/her that you will be traveling in Indonesia. Ask about recommended immunizations and common health risks associated with the region. Make sure you’re in adequate physical shape to participate in vigorous activities without risk of injury. Research common health-related problems that occur in Bali, such as malaria, foodborne illness and unsafe drinking water, insect bites, wild animal attacks and sun exposure. You may think this step is unnecessary because you are awesome and invincible, but you really don’t want to be caught off-guard when a random monkey leaps from the jungle and attaches itself to your arm, or when you have to cancel your morning scuba dive because your travel buddy came down with Bali belly.

Consider Travel Insurance

Make sure you are fully covered for health and medical emergencies while traveling abroad. If your medical insurance will cover any doctor or hospital visits overseas, perfect! If not, buy additional travel insurance that includes medical coverage. Especially if you expect to be participating in a lot of extreme physical activity, you should protect your wallet from the unexpected costs. Additionally, make sure you learn where you can receive medical care prior to flying or upon landing in Bali.

Pack For “Just in Case” Situations

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as visiting the drugstore in a foreign country, standing in the middle of the aisle scanning the shelves for a familiar product and not being able to find it. Even if they do have something comparable, the packaging may be different or the label might be printed in a different language. If the pharmacist doesn’t speak English, you could be out of luck. For example, if you’re trekking through the jungle, there’s a decent chance you’ll be bitten by a mosquito, even if you’re slathered in bug spray. You’ll probably want some itch relieving ointment to treat that irritation so you can focus on your paradise vacation. Try to anticipate any ailments that may befall you on your trip and pack accordingly. However, always check with the embassy of the country you plan to visit to make sure you can legally bring your medicines with you before you pack them.

Your muscles will be well-spent after you experience the greatest quests Indonesia has to offer, but your photo albums will be full of awesome memories. As long as you take care of your health ahead of and during your trip, your Bali vacation will be the adventure of a lifetime.