Planning your Bali Vacation

Apr 29, 2021
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So you are planning on taking a trip to one of the most beautiful and unique places in the world, Bali, Indonesia. As you probably now know, Bali is a small but vibrant island that is situated in the Java Sea and is a part of the chain of islands that are known as Indonesia. Bali is rife with cultural significance, environmental beauty, delicious foods and kind people. As soon as you step off of the plane and feel the warm breezes and smell the damp, oceanic air, you will feel amazing! Everything after that, however, is as good as you make it. So, as you begin to plan your trip, here are a few tips, places and ideas that can help make your Bali trip the best that it can be.

Try Going In the Dry Months

Because Bali is an island with lush, tropical rain forests, it is inundated with rain for most of the year. If you are wanting promises of more sunny days during your stay, try going during the dry months. The dry months in Bali last from June to August. Being in Bali when there is more sunshine might be helpful for charging your solar battery, but even during the rainy months there is sunshine to be found. The rainy months are not horrible in any way, and if you want to come during those times, then go for it! Rainy days will just allow you to really soak up the lush, Bali experience. Napping during a warm rain storm is seriously underrated.

Get Clever With Your Lodging

You can definitely book accommodation in a more traditionally Western style resort, but if this is not in your style or budget, then look to places like AirBnB where you will find a crazy amount of well priced, beautiful places to stay. This is especially a good option if you are travelling with a large group of people and can split the costs among six or seven people. Being clever with how you book your lodging can lead to an awesome experience that does not break the bank.

Try Visiting These Places

  • Canggu

Canggu is a great spot for people who like to relax and enjoy the ocean. There is great surfing, restaurants and one of the most popular temples on the island is located here.

  • Uluwatu

This is the place to visit for serious surfers. It is widely known for its amazing reefs and thus, its awesome surfing. 

  • Seminyak

Seminyak is really close to the main airport and is home to popular Western hotels, plenty of taxis and some beautiful sunsets on the beach. This is a popular hub and could be a great start to a trip throughout the island.

Avoid Bali Belly

Oh the dreaded Bali belly. For those who are not used to the climate, food and water in this place, your stomach may get quite agitated. This can lead to the bathroom becoming your best friend during your stay. This is not ideal, as there are so many fun things to do! Try to be proactive about this by being cautious of what you eat, what you drink and try drinking some probiotics or other soothing items before, during and after your stay.

Don't Approach the Monkeys

Yes, they seem adorable and it may be tempting to try and pet or feed the many monkeys that roam this island. However, they have a tendency to be a little violent or rude to humans. They are also wild animals, so act accordingly. The last thing you want as a souvenir is a monkey bite!

If you are visiting Bali at any time of year, try utilizing some of these tips. Even though you might be more of a Western resorts type of vacationer, you might be surprised at how fun it can be to venture out and explore the Balinese culture! Always remember to stay safe and pay attention to your surroundings. And lastly, don't forget to have fun!