Personalities of Bali: Lydia Rose - Singer and Artist

Oct 03, 2019
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For the last 10 years The Bali Bible has been celebrating all things Bali and fabulous - from beach clubs to nightclubs, restaurants to resorts and everything in-between.

We've been around to witness the fabulous evolution of Bali into the incredible destination we all know and LOVE - and we're launching a new series of articles celebrating the people whose vision, inspiration and dedication have made Bali the place it is today!

From expats to locals, the people behind the scenes of your favourite venues all have a story to tell, as well as excellent advice on their own favourite places to visit. Today we are chatting with Personalities of Bali: Lydia Rose - Singer and Artist


Tell us a little about your business? 

I am a Singer and performer who grew up in Melbourne Australia however have lived and performed around the world for the past 15 years. I love to combine my two loves of Travel and music and this has allowed me to live in cities such as Ibiza, London, Athens, Los Angeles and now Bali- hence the nickname 'Gypsy songstress’. I currently perform in Bali and around Australasia at various weddings and events and also perform at Alila Seminyak as a residency. I am lucky enough to have an oh-so-talented band that I perform with which ranges up to a 7 piece ensemble and can include performances with DJ’s ~ singing all styles ranging from Jazz to House and all genres in between. Anything to get the party started! The most important thing to me is that everyone is having a good time. Music is such a critical element to any wedding/event and I’m always honoured to provide the soundtrack for so many gorgeous clients. 

How did it all get started? How’d you end up in Bali and in this industry?

After singing in Ibiza for a few years, I decided I wanted to move closer to my family and friends in Australia. I’d never really considered Bali as a place to relocate however, after hearing so many great things about this island, I decided to move here before I'd ever even visited. It was a gamble worth taking and as soon as I stepped off the plane, I knew id found my second home. In terms of the industry, I’ve always been a singer, but I started off in Bali performing at many of the beach clubs and venues to put my name out there. Eventually the venue gigs were taken over with weddings and corporate bookings, which now take up most of my time. 

What dish or drink should everyone try at your venue/s? (if applicable)

Well I don’t have a venue per se, but I would say the Bloody Mary’s at Alila are spot on! 

What is your role and what does day-to-day look like for you?

Singing/Rehearsing/Rescuing Dogs and Cats/ Administration/Learning song requests in Mandarin/Hindi/Russian/Indonesian… Oh and doing all of this poolside with a Cocktail in hand :)

What area in Bali do you live in? Why did you choose that area?

I have always lived in Seminyak and surrounding areas and have now settled on Batu Belig which I love. It’s got the perfect mix of being close enough to Seminyak and Canngu but still has a local feel. Also, as I still don’t drive a scooter (I’m a bit of a scatterbrain and pretty sure this is a good decision for me and other motorists) I use local transport and taxis to get around. These services are easily accessible from here compared to places like Canggu or Uluwatu. 

What would be three things you would tell someone who is thinking of moving over to Bali to work or start a business? 

Do it! Don’t wait. My one regret was not moving here earlier- Europe ain't got nothing on this beautiful place. You need to learn to be patient- things run on Island time here which is great but takes a little adjusting to. Make sure you are prepared to hustle and put in the work. So many people think its so easy just to move here and work but the truth is there is still a daily grind just like everywhere else. You reap what you sow. 

Why did you choose Bali as your ultimate destination?

It’s the perfect blend of great weather, culture, the people, the positive energy… Its just the vibe ('The Castle' reference for those who know the Movie) 

What do you love most about Bali?

The people. Hands down. The Balinese are the happiest and friendliest people I’ve ever encountered world-wide. 

When was your first trip to Bali? What has changed since then?

To be honest, I had not been to Bali until I moved here nearly 5 years so as far as seeing things change, it may not be as dramatic as what some others would have seen. But there have just been so many new venues since I moved. I feel like its ‘another day, another beach club’ which definitely keeps things exciting and is great for business. 

What are your favourite destinations outside of Bali? 

FLORES! FLORES! FLORES! I cannot get enough of this place as a little getaway from Bali. And I recently did a gig in Sumba (Nihi Sumba) which was absolutely Incredible too! 

What are some of your favourite things to do on the weekend in Bali?

It’s rare that I get a weekend off, but when I do I love to go and watch other artists perform… Also I love getting away to places like Ubud to just unwind. 

If you had to pick, what would be your top 3 cafes? Watercress (its right next to my house), KYND (Im pescatarian so vegetarian options are great for me), Shelter Cafe.

If you had to pick, what would be your top 3 restaurants?

I love quality restaurants with ample choice of vegetarian or fish options, so my top 3 would be - Merah Putih, Seasalt (Alila), Ijen (potatohead). 

If you had to pick, what would be your top 3 bars or sunset drink spots? La Plancha, La Laguna (I cannot wait for it to re-open in 2020) and Alila Beach bar of course!!! 

What’s a hidden gem or a less popular place that everyone should know about?

Empower Beauty - the most instagrammable place to get pampered in Umalas, which has recently opened!

Best things to do with kids in Bali?(if applicable)

I don’t have a kid but send them to me and I do a great rendition of BABY SHARK :) 

How do you blow off steam?

Go to F45 Seminyak. OR my guilty (and somewhat embarrassing) pleasure… Watching re-runs of judge Judy!

Favourite book at the moment?

The Subtle art of not giving a F*ck - Mark Manson 

Best movie of all time?

The Castle 

Favourite song right now?

The Greatest - Six60 

What are three things you can’t travel without?

My laptop, My rosary beads , and a bottle of vodka- Ever since I took a terrifying flight through a hurricane from Miami to Mexico I have HATED turbulence so these 3 items get me through.

Funniest thing that’s happened to you in Bali?

Hmmmmm where do I start…. There are too many to count but the first thing that springs to mind is accidentally eating cat food. I’m not proud of this but I was fostering rescue animals and mistook cat food for a regular tuna can. It was written in Chinese, with the only thing in English saying ’Tuna’, and I was starving wasn't paying much attention to what I was doing so decided to make a sandwich using the limited food in my kitchen. Unfortunately I failed to notice the picture of the cat on the side of the tin and the the rest is history…

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