Aug 07, 2018
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"The once quiet strip along Batu Bolong is now the focus for the ever-rising bar of culinary excellence in Bali. Amidst the boom, we’ve discovered a colourful refuge off the busy street that’s become a serious contender for our new favourite place". 


Serving up a medley of delights that took a journey of twenty years and as many cities to create, Dale Kettle presents Peekaboo. Aptly named for its abrupt appearance amidst the trendy Canggu scene, Peekaboo is making a silent effort to establish itself at the top.



The menu redefines many of your old favourites and features a few soon-to-be-new favourites. I was pleased to find plenty of options that didn't put my healthy eating efforts at risk; The Super Green Salad and Tuna Poke Bowl. Gazing over the breakfast menu was enough motivation to get out of the villa early tomorrow morning. Organic coconut porridge, free-range bacon bagel and every different way of arranging eggs and sourdough bread with a host of extras.


My dining experience began with the Prawn Dumplings, 12hr Pork Belly and Tempura Prawn Tacos. Highly recommended. That positions you nicely to approach the bolder offerings from the wood grill or continue to graze through the medley of starters that support a long evening of drinks.


Speaking of drinks, if you're meeting friends I'd recommend arriving early to get a head start on the cocktails. The colourful mix of drinks compliments the graffiti on the walls and they’re presented with the same kind of artistry. We made the responsible decision to limit ourselves to just one… of each cocktail on the menu. The Passionfruit Caipiroska emerged as a clear favourite but it’s almost too good and hard to move beyond. A better strategy may be to choose from the signature drinks on the left of the menu and make a more subtle sweep towards the fruitier variety. 



Our evening concluded with the Soft Centered Chocolate Pudding and a selection of ice cream. Comfort, good food, friendly staff and Passionfruit Caipiroskas - our experience left plenty of reasons to add Peekaboo to your must-try list. A massive shout out to Dale and his incredible team for helping solve the riddle of where to eat in Canggu.


See you there…


Written by: Christopher Burns