15 May, 2018

Oh so slow festival

Alina Kovalenko
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These days The Slow has rocked Bali with an art, music and film festival Oh so slow. The festival is truly leaning on a cultural revolution hang-around narrative, which gives you a glimpse on how Bali is being changed in recent years. Similar to a glass of fine wine, The Slow wows you in the beginning and lingers long after the last sip. As stated on their website, “It’s a place to rest your bones, stir your senses, and expand your mind.” Sitting at minimalistic bar, designed with nature materials, eating popcorn, drinking some tasty cocktails and chatting with friends, one could notice an enchanting feeling of inspiration that this place enshrouds upon you. Starting with a lecture on art by Robbie Simon on the first day, movie night with ocean and surfing themes on the roof-top bar on the second, and DJ party on the last day, weekends gone, leaving feeling of free spirit in our souls and taste of good rum on our tongues. Though it makes you feel to be part of a mystic underground ritual, the festival is indeed the brightest and loveliest synchronize of a western chorus and Balinese sound.

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