Must - Taste Indonesian Dishes

Sep 16, 2019
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Indonesian cuisine is one of the most delightful foods in the world with spices that are incredibly complete and unique. The range of Indonesian dishes is vast. Each of them is so tasty that it is not enough just to glance at the pictures. They represent the national identity of the nation. No wonder the foreigners love our typical foods. The followings are some of the must-try foods in Indonesia based on one of the Top 10 restaurant in Bali which is published in Tribune Bali Newspaper in March.


1. Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

Fried rice is a well-liked for anyone, especially those who use rice as the key menu. This Indonesian food selection is indeed ideal for anybody because it is simple to make and has a fantastic taste. Particularly when enjoyed, a few seconds after being removed from the frying pan. Every person must have their own variety of cooking fried rice. Some use only stir-fried shallots and garlic plus salt, to the most special, with various shredded meats and various flavorings.


2. Satay

Indonesian food that is popular in the world is satay. Actually, satay is a global menu. Every country has a variety of satay with one thing in common, which is cooked by burning. Meanwhile, Indonesia has a different perception of satay, which is doused with peanut sauce. In common, satay has three variations of meat, namely chicken satay, goat satay, and rabbit satay. But actually, any meat can be made satays, such as shark satay, turkey satay, and even horse satay. There is also the Komoh satay, which is a Satay with beef and grilled with spices and seasonings. How does it flavor? You must try!


3. Sarikayo Minangkabau

The typical Minang food, also known as Sarikayo, is made from eggs, brown sugar, and coconut milk. The mixture of ingredients is put in a pan and boiled, producing a kind of sweet and savory pasta. This sweet snack is often found in the month of Ramadan and the moment of Eid al-Fitr. Usually consumed with Lamang, a sort of sticky rice, or can be eaten just like that in hot or cold conditions. The pleasure of soft-textured food like pudding feels sweet savory and melted in the mouth.


4. Gudeg

The primary ingredient of this warm meat is young jack fruit meat, which is small, then cooked with coconut milk, palm sugar, meat (usually chicken), and garlic. Most enjoy being served with hot rice and hot chili. That said, the longer the age is warm, the greater the scrumptious it tastes. Do not believe? Try it for yourself through a journey to Bali and other areas in Indonesia like Jogjakarta and Lombok.


5. Babi Guling

It needs to be underlined and bold, that this one food is one hundred percent not halal. Even so, this food is the key culinary place to go for both Balinese and local tourists. Brownish Babi Guling skin color is absolutely crunchy on the tongue. In case you want to experience fine dining in Bali with Babi Guling as your main meal, it is always best that you can go to the Best 10 restaurant in Bali. Moreover, the meat is so tender and rich in spices. Uniquely, the Balinese genetically spices and vegetable cassava leaves are put into the pork belly and rolled over the coals of fire. The Babi Guling menu is usually served with warm white rice with Lawar, Satay Lilit, and a tiny bowl of Jukut Ares.


There is an important thing that every traveler and backpacker ought to know whenever they have a trip or a visit in other places; “being like a local or doing what the locals are doing”. If you cannot, then at least try their special dishes. When you come to Indonesia, you should try at least one of the must-try Indonesian dishes mentioned above.