Money Saving Tips For Your Bali Vacation

Dec 09, 2020
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If you're planning a trip to Bali, you've probably been too excited and busy buying swimming clothes to worry about money. Don't find yourself halfway through your vacation wondering where all your money went. By doing a little planning beforehand, you'll save yourself from making the mistake many tourists make when visiting a new country. This list will give you a few great tips for traveling on a budget, and having a great time while you're at it.

1. Book Excursions In Advance

One of the biggest ways you can waste money on a trip to Bali is by being a little too spontaneous. Deciding on spur of the moment excursions can be exciting and fun, but unplanned expenses are a fast way to blow through the budget. If you're the sort of type-A person who's on top of their home mortgage rates, this is definitely the right tip for you.


By booking things like spa trips and scuba diving lessons online ahead of time, you'll be able to get cheaper rates, use Groupons, and you'll already have factored the cost into your expenses. You'll have a greater peace of mind knowing that your leftover money can go towards food and souvenirs. Plus, you might find more fun things to do by seeing a comprehensive list online than you would trying to navigate the area once you get there. And you'll be able to ramp up your excitement months in advance.

2. Take the Right Taxi

Sometimes the hardest part about being in a foreign place is the transportation. You might be tempted to just take what you can get in terms of taxis, but frequently taxis in Bali can be overpriced and you'll find your day trip cost twice as much as you bargained for. An experienced traveler will tell you to use a Bluebird Taxi, which you can spot by their signature bright blue color and the bird logo on top. These taxis are considered honest and will give you the most consistent prices. Make sure you know what to look for in advance, as there are sure to be knockoffs lurking in the area.

Another option would be to use an Uber, which can be great since you can see the cost ahead of time and won't be surprised once you reach your destination. If transportation seems too intimidating to you on your first trip, don't feel embarrassed to just stick to your local sites and travel by foot or scooter. There's sure to be plenty around you to see, and you'll save a lot of money.

3. Pack Intelligently

Your packing list might involve several categories of alphabetically listed clothes, shoes, and toiletries, or you might be the type to stuff a sundress and a pair of sandals in a bag and call it a day. Whoever you are, there are a few necessities that you'll want to remember for a trip to Bali. The first is a water bottle, something that will greatly improve your trip if you can remember to take it with you everywhere. You'll be able to avoid the cost of buying a bottle every time you're thirsty (after all, you could go through twelve in one day!), and you'll be helping out the environment.

You can buy a filtering straw or a UV light if you think you may not have access to clean water at some point, but usually restaurants, hotels, and shops will have water you can fill your bottle with. The second item you'll need is cash. If you only bring your card, you will find yourself unable to pay at most shops and restaurants. Plus, some cards carry with them a fee for purchases made abroad. Plus, having cash will help you stick to your budget, since you'll have a physical limit to what you can spend.


Bali is going to be amazing, so use these tips to help you as you pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.