31 Oct, 2018

KoTravellers take on Bali!

The Bali Bible (Official)
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When we first came across Kate and Olly’s account, KoTravellers, we knew we had to get their inside travel tips. Not only are their images insane but their travel recommendations as down to earth as they come. When they’re not outdoors exploring hidden waterfalls or discovering new dive spots, they’re planning their next trip together #couplegoals


Since starting their blog in 2016, this dynamic duo have partnered with some of the world’s leading hotels, created content for brands such as Mastercard and have explored over 12 countries. Pretty impressive, right?


We asked Kate and Olly about how they started their blog and what makes Bali one of their favourite destinations.



Tell us about KoTravellers


We started our Instagram account, KoTravellers, together in 2016 as a platform to document our travels. Olly bought his first professional camera in the same year just before we left on our trip to Bali!


Inspiring others to travel and being able to provide guidance/ tips to others is a part of the job that we really love! While there may be some negative aspects to social media we love that it has helped us develop a loyal community who continue to inspire us everyday.