Key Reasons Why Travel Writers Should Write About Bali

Mar 05, 2019
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Bali, an island in Indonesia, is widely popular because of its natural beauty which ranges from its rice fields to the sandy beaches making it famous among travelers. This paradise is filled with a spirit-conscious people whose artistic way of life leaves tourists awestruck. The article analyses some of the reasons why travel writers should write about Bali. Travel writers should write about this Indonesian island because of its culturally rich heritage, the scenic beauty, and the religiosity among its people.

Some of the reasons include:

Friendly Balinese

The Balinese people are known for their sense of humor and friendly smiles, especially since they are an ethnic-conscious people. 95% of the population consists of the Balinese people and the rest being from Asia. They are aesthetically inclined whose culture is dated back to the 15th century. Even though travelers go to new places to seek out new experiences, these experiences are shaped by how they interact with the locals. A friendly and welcoming people are likely to augment the travel experience of most visitors as they go out of their way to ensure they are comfortable. The people love sharing about their culture and values hence teaching visitors about their way of life.

The natural scenic beauty

Bali has been referred to as ‘Land of the Gods’ because of its scenic beauty which emanates peace and tranquillity. Because of its strategic position south of the equator, the climate is warm and humid allowing for the encroachment of rice fields. There is an excellent blend of geographical attractions such as the Bhuana Sari waterfall and the central mountains such as the Gunung Agung which attract mountain climbers. The waterfalls are in a secluded area, and many tourists take in their beauty by swimming in the waters. The Kanto Lampo waterfall is known as a worshipping place because of the combination of the four physical elements; water, earth, air, and fire. The harmony of these elements enables the locals and tourists to meditate and consequently brings the locals a source of income, as it has become a significant attraction. The Bali beaches and the deep sea waters accommodate families from all over the world who are interested in water sports and relaxing amidst the tropical weather.

Religious culture

The Balinese people are spiritual, and they make the celebration a part of their life.  Their religion, Balinese Hinduism allows them to believe in prayers and blessings constantly, and thus they honor the presence of their ancestral spirits in their everyday life. According to Brent Keaton, a travel writer at APA Style service, “unlike the Hindus; however, they believe in a single supreme being, Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, who is the creator, the destroyer and the protector.” Apart from the numerous temples that are located strategically around the island, every event in the area is spiritual. They believe in good ancestral spirits that live in higher places while the evil ones live under the sea. They honor the ancestral spirits by giving offerings of flowers, rice, sweets, and incense in the shrines and are careful not to interfere with offerings that are given to chasing away evil entities. The people celebrate the cycle of life; that is births, weddings, illnesses, and deaths in the temples where prayers and blessings are given to ensure that the families remain a close-knit.

Diverse Experiences

Bali offers diverse experiences for different people ranging from backpackers, mountain climbers, surfers, linguists and people interested in understating cultural differences. The gallivants who are interested in amusement and pleasure have various adventure sports around the island such as white water rafting while the shoppers get souvenirs such as jewelry from markets such as Kuta and Sukawati. “The rich culture and heritage of the people such as songs, dances and food and colorful festivals allow visitors to immerse themselves in the Balinese way of life,” notes Jessica Mills, Senior Writer at ConfidentWriters.

Bali’s unique offerings to visitors have made it one of the top visited areas in the world. Interacting with the local people and the experiences they have to offer assists tourists in learning and appreciating the differences in culture. Travel writers should write about Bali because the Balinese appreciate every aspect of life and this illuminates other aspects of the country that are beautiful as well.