I dreamed of Bali

Jun 10, 2018
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I was once in Bali so far and it was enough for me to fall in love with this place, its nature, people and suroundings.

It has been almost one year since i was there and i crave so much for a comeback. 

I know i will go back there, i can feel it. If it is not going to be this year, next year for sure.

I crave for the calmity of the place, for the peace and quiet i felt at the temples, for the beaches and coconuts, for nasi goreng and massages.

And, what is weird is that i dreamed of this place before. Many years ago..How is this possible? I dreamed a beach, at night, with many people of all races and cultures, and me among them somewhere, wondering where is the airport. This beach i dreamed is Kuta beach. I realized i saw it before in my dreams when, in my trip, in the first exploring day, i went to the beach during day, very fast for few minutes but came back after 6pm, when it was dark already, sat on the sand and realized then: omg, i have seen this place before. But where?? And then it hit me: i saw it before alright. In my dreams!