How to Travel While Being a Student on a Tight Budget

Jan 05, 2020
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If you are a student, it does not mean that you need to refuse to travel to foreign countries or locally. The main travel expenses are hotels, transport, food, tickets to museums and national parks. All these costs can be minimized.

First of all, you can travel to those regions where your friends, acquaintances or relatives live. For example, if your classmate went to the Czech Republic to continue his studies there, you can visit him. If you have a friend-musician in Bali - then you should call and find out his plans for the summer. Another way is to search for meetings through special sites, such as couch surfing.

Airfare saving

As a rule, airfare eats up the largest part of your travel budget and sometimes reaches several thousand dollars. So it turns out that you fly to some small distant country where you can live for $ 100 a month having all the luxury goods, but a flight there costs more than half a year you spend.

There are several ways out of this situation:

  1. Stay tuned to airline offers — if you travel often, wherever you are, you constantly monitor ticket prices. Subscribe to mailings of all known airlines and on their pages on social networks. This allows not only to learn about interesting and cheap offers but sometimes travels are planned by themselves.
  2. Collect miles - get your mile cards from airlines and use them when buying tickets. The more you fly, the more you collect bonuses, which later will allow you to fly much cheaper or not at all.
  3. Take less luggage - train yourself to take as few things as possible, and it is better not to take luggage with you at all. Many avid travelers fly with only one small backpack, which is considered a carry-on. A small bag is taken only in the case of a very long trip or changes of seasons. If you are flying low-cost, then you know that they include only hand luggage on the ticket price, you will have to pay extra for any other baggage. Traveling without extra luggage, you save not only money but also time, without spending it on waiting for your stuff upon arrival and not dragging it everywhere.

Work during your trips

If your work does not include travel and does not bring sufficient funds that would allow you traveling around the globe, and travel is exactly what you strive for, then there is good news for you. There are many programs and features that allow people to travel the world and work simultaneously. For example:

  • Au Pair
  • Work & Travel

It is also good if you have some interesting or rare skills and can teach others. Another way is just freelancing. There a lot of useful services nowadays such as Pro-Papers. Its ultimate goal is to help great writers earn extra money. So if writing is your passion you can give it a go. It might cover the expenses on your journey.


Use cards

If you are a student or you are less than 26 years old, get yourself an international discount card ISIC or IYTC, this will save about 50% on various services during travel. If you are traveling in Europe, you will get special tickets for trains Eurail pass or Global Flexi Pass from Rail Europe, which will definitely help to save on trains up to 70% of the cost.

Almost every capital of Europe has its own city map, offering discounts on everything from transport to excursions.

Your main task is to move away from the usual model of travel to less traditional options and learn how to combine different options of crossings and routes.

Non-standard solutions allow not only to save on travel but also to travel, almost without money.

International volunteer programs

You can go abroad as a member of an international volunteer program. This is another project that will help to find new friends and get a lot of impressions without spending too much on it. This journey does not last long - from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, but its geography is much wider. Making travel documents is quite simple, and the cost of travel will below. To do this, you need to pay a little money for participation in the project, and, of course, visa, insurance and tickets are also at your expense. Volunteers will live and eat free of charge. In this case, a working visa is not provided by the organization, but students always can find a way out of this: with due diligence, you can always cover all the travel expenses, and additionally earn extra money while staying at your dream destination.


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