How To Stay Healthy When Traveling To Bali

Jun 26, 2020
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Missing a workout isn't in your DNA. You want to hit the gym and hit it hard. You value your physical appearance along with your health. You understand consistent results do require the necessary effort. A weekly routine must involve working out without fail. Consistency faces a challenge, however, when travel plans loom. 

Traveling does present a stumbling block to meeting regular workout sessions. Jumping over the stumbling blocks won't require physically fit legs. Thinking the trip through while properly planning workout strategies does the job. 

Watch Your Diet 

Understand something right from the start. Failure to exercise for a little while might not be disastrous. Completing letting a healthy diet go, however, can create significant problems. Packing on too much weight while traveling may require weeks of exercise to shed the extra pounds. Don't put the extra weight on in the first place. Try to come up with a smart diet like a vegan traveling plan to keep animal fat and refined sugars out of your diet. Or also incorporating supplements in your diet like adding green superfood powder to your meals to make sure you get that boost of health. As long as your food choices are on point, you won't have a weight loss hill to climb upon returning home. 

What can you do exercise-wise while traveling though? 

Sign Up with a National Fitness Gym 

Traveling away from home doesn't necessarily mean you won't have access to your favorite gym. If you sign up with a national fitness chain operating locations all over the globe, there might be one not too far from your hotel. Check out the websites of the fitness chains near you. Cross-reference the franchises with the destination of your trip. Maybe there's one not too far away. 

As for prices, many franchise gyms offer multiple membership location options for a reasonable fee. The membership deal could be worth it to someone who travels a lot and worries about where to exercise. Even if the chain's closest location is a ways away from your hotel, a ridesharing service can shuttle you to the gym 24/7. 

What happens when none of the big national chains service your location? Research local gyms to determine their operating hours and drop-in costs fees. Another option involves crafting workouts perfect for the working out in a hotel room or nearby park. 

What if there are no gym options? 

Study Bodyweight Exercises 

Lifting weights -- be they free weights, machines, or pulley devices --- builds muscle and keeps the body lean. While lifting weights is preferable, bodyweight exercises prove beneficial when you can't access iron. Traditional push-ups, sit-ups, chair dips, and body squats hit a ton of muscles on the body. These standard bodyweight exercises aren't the only ones to perform. Variations exist. A different hand position with push-ups, for example, can deliver a shoulder workout. For the short-term, a decent bodyweight workout plan could work wonders. 

Look into Special Travel Products 

Fitness manufacturers know there's a market for at-home and travel-portable exercise equipment. Resistance bands are among the easiest to transport in a suitcase. 

Resistance bands are plastic handles connected to a bungee cord. The bands mimic dumbbell workouts and allow for great versatility in workout sessions -- just like real dumbbells. 

Special cardio travel equipment exists as well. The cardio devices might come off as a bit more gimmicky, but they do their intended job. One innovative device features bike pedals connected to a small stationary stand. The idea here is you can "ride an exercise bike" while sitting in a chair. Perhaps this fun exercise toy will work nicely during your five-day business trip. 

Review Legitimate Travel Workout Plans 

Working out on the go while rushing from airports to hotels creates complexities. Other people dealt with the same situation. Fitness experts who went through travel troubles figured out how to overcome them. The proliferation of workout plans on social media, websites, streaming sites, and other venues makes it easy for someone of any skill and experience level to find an appropriate one. Special travel workouts aren't challenging to locate either. Find a decent one and put it to use not too long after arriving at your destination.


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