How to Maintain Hygiene While Traveling in Bali

Oct 08, 2021
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Let's face it, anyone who loves to travel is familiar with that feeling when you're in a new place without access to your usual comforts and your personal hygiene falls by the wayside.  Here are a few tips for making sure you can maintain your hygiene while traveling in Bali.

1. Pack Your Essentials

Packing for a trip can be a nightmare, and when you're going somewhere like Bali you want to leave plenty of suitcase space for breezy outfits and suntan lotion. But it's a mistake to assume that you'll be able to get all your hygiene essentials wherever you're staying. Sure, Bali has plenty of well-stocked pharmacies, but the chances that you'll find the brand of toothpaste you need for your braces (look here if you're wondering what is the best natural toothpaste for braces?) are pretty slim. Any skincare products and other personal items should be packed if possible. You'll feel ten times better if you can use your own face wash instead of a random bar of soap from your hotel room. 

2. Keep It Sanitary

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you catch something on the plane before you even get to your destination. Spending days cooped up in a hotel room with a cold when you were supposed to be enjoying the beauty of Bali is just not okay. It's important to cover your bases to keep yourself from getting sick while you're traveling.

Keep sanitizing wipes and hand gel on you at all times so you can give airplane seats a quick wipe-down before you touch them. Remember to use hand sanitizer before touching your face while out and about, and wash your hands with soap whenever possible. Try to avoid touching doorknobs and other bacterial hotspots with your hands, utilizing your elbows and feet when you can. People might call you a germaphobe, but it's worth a little paranoia if it keeps you from being sick on your travels. 

3. Trim Your Nails

Sorry, but your long manicured nails won't keep you hygienic on your trip to Bali. Nails are a great place for dirt and bacteria to hide, and since they're attached to your hands there's a good chance that bacteria will end up on your face or in your food. If hygiene is your top priority on this trip, you should be keeping your nails trimmed and making sure they're clean as much as possible. A small nail brush can easily fit in your luggage and will make your nails cleaner than they've ever been. Particularly for those who compulsively bite their nails, keeping them short on a trip is essential. 

4. Avoid Sharing Food

When traveling to culturally diverse locations like Bali, a huge part of the attraction is going to be trying new foods. Sharing utensils and water bottles can also be a temptation when you just want a quick bite or sip of something. But the temptation to share food with others can be an easy way to get sick on vacation. For the safest possible route, use only your own utensils and make sure you're not touching food that someone else has also touched, such as a bowl of peanuts at the poolside bar. 

5. Stay Clean

The temptation to skip showers can be strong on vacation, especially if you're regularly taking dips in your hotel pool or the beautiful beaches of Bali. But avoiding a shower won't just contribute to body odor - it can also contribute to illness. Keep washing your hands regularly and taking showers to ensure that stray bacteria and dirt aren't clinging to your body, and try not to re-wear the same clothes too often before sending them to the laundry. 

Sometimes it can be fun to shake up the routine and let the skincare regimen go for a while, but at other times it can really ruin your enjoyment. Use these tips to ensure your next trip to Bali is fun and hygienic.