How to Get Your Home Vacation Ready in 7 Steps

Jul 15, 2020
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Your vacation awaits! You have purchased your airfare, requested time away from work, arranged daily care for your pets, and packed your bags. You and your family are vacation ready, but can you say the same about your home? Follow these seven simple steps before you can officially unravel and travel:

1.   Care for Your Lawn

As you consider how to get your home vacation ready, start by taking a walk outside. You should think about the ideal state of your home you wish to see when you return from your travels; you likely hope to encounter a yard without a jungle of high grass and uncontrollable weeds, so now is the time to manage your outdoor setting.For example, if you live in Wichita and you plan on being on a long trip, arranging a lawn mowing service Wichita KS to mow your grass before vacation can take an important task off of your already extensive to-do list. If you are planning a long trip, you can also set up a time for the service to maintain your lawn, so it remains manageable (and beautiful) by the time you return.

2.   Address Watering Needs

Do you have an outdoor vegetable bed, hanging plants, or an indoor herb garden? Your plants will need a healthy drink of water before you depart. Depending on your yard arrangements, you may also want to inquire with your service professionals to see if plant watering is included in your appointment. Conversely, if there is no need for running water after you depart, you could consider turning off the main water shut-off valve to avoid any unnecessary leaks or water damage inside your home.

3.   Adjust the Thermostat

You can conserve energy and save money on your electric bill by adjusting your home’s temperature. An empty home does not need to have a nighttime setting for a cool, comfortable sleep! Think about the ideal temperature to keep your home from overheating or freezing, depending on your outdoor climate.

4.   Protect Electronics

Determine which of your electronic devices should be unplugged, and which can remain connected. In the event of a storm, your television, computer, and appliances could be impacted by lightning, which can fry your equipment if the items are plugged into your home’s outlets. Your electronic items could also become a fire hazard under certain circumstances, so be sure to follow safety, electricity, and surge protector guidelines, or simply disconnect any items that do not need to remain powered on.

5.   Clean the Interior

Imagine enjoying a perfect, relaxing vacation in paradise, then returning home to a dirty and cluttered home. Run your vacuum, dust surfaces, clean your dishes, and fold your laundry (you already cleaned all your fun vacation clothes, right?) Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, do not forget to take out the smelly garbage.

6.   Prep Your Refrigerator

Prepare your fridge now to avoid a moldy, unpleasant return to your kitchen. You can plan to eat your perishable food items before you leave, and strategically update your grocery list so it does not include foods that will expire while you are away. If you do have eggs, milk, or other items that are still fresh now, but will soon be expiring, you could donate items to your neighbors, family, and local food banks. Tasting the food is certainly better than wasting the food!

7.   Designate a House Helper

Perhaps a trusted family member or neighbor can hold your mail for you, keep an eye on the exterior of your home, or even hold a spare key for any emergencies (i.e. your child throws your set of keys into the ocean). Hopefully, you will not experience any mishaps on your trip, but it is nice to know you have a home helper only a phone call away if you do need support.

Vacation is your destination, but your house remains your sanctuary. Preparing for your travels can seem daunting, but if you take these seven steps before departing, you will set yourself up for a stress-free trip and comfortable return home.