How To Do Bali Properly On A Student Budget

Feb 01, 2019
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Bali is a dream destination for most 20 somethings. It offers beautiful beaches, fascinating culture, an exciting night life and an all-around air of freedom and adventure. What’s more, when done correctly, Bali is a destination with an opportunity for real travel in a very different place for very competitive prices. With a bit of know how you can keep your trip to Bali to an almost impossibly small cost. So, without further ado, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of Bali for the least cost.

Book Early (And Smartly)

Finding flights which take you around the world can sometimes seem like a very daunting task. With ticket ranges being as little as a couple of hundred dollars to potentially thousands it can be hard to know how to go about finding the best flight for you. You’ll have to make sacrifices when you’re on a student budget so look for ways to minimize the cost of your flights like these: go in the off season (February-March), fly overnight, if you’re going with a friend share the cost of one piece of checked baggage rather than both taking one each. Obviously, it’s going to be economy you’ll want as well, so don’t get any dreams of Business Class.

Cash In On Accommodation

Finding places to stay in Bali is not hard. And, what’s more, it is generally extremely cheap. “Even if you want an exclusive experience, resort style, with a swimming pool and free buffet breakfast, you still won’t be paying much at all,” says Gemma Leal, travel blogger at BoomEssays and Academized. But if you are looking for something even more budget there are plenty of hostels which cost next to nothing. Plus, you should check out your airline to see if they have any packaged deals which you can cash in on.

Explore The Culture

Going out to nightclubs and bars is fun and all, but much more likely to burn a hole in your pocket if you’re not careful. Activities like visiting one of the Hindu temples, exploring some of the breathtaking natural phenomena or even just getting to know some of the locals are things which will make the trip very memorable and usually won’t cost you a dime. Any experience which doesn’t have a price tag should be grasped with both hands, so you can make the most out of your trip.

Avoid Getting Scammed or Pickpocketed

Even the most vigilant of us sometimes are susceptible to letting our guards down after a long flight to a new and unfamiliar country. Westerners arriving in Bali should be aware that the language barriers and the frequency with which holidaymakers come to Bali make them very easy targets to locals looking to make some easy money. Don’t take risks on any unverified taxis, don’t get sucked in by locals being friendly to you outside the front doors of the airport. Eduard Sheehan, educator at EssayRoo and UkWritings warns that “It can be hard to tell the difference between scams and fakes and the real deal, when you don’t know the language. If in doubt, I’d have to say it’s always better to stay safe and wait till you are certain.” If there’s one easy way to make a cheap trip an expensive one, it’s losing all of your money.


This is a skill which has gone out of fashion in most western countries but one which is alive and well in Bali. Shopkeepers and the like will expect there to be a bit of haggling when a customer walks through the door so, in general, you’re better off ignoring the starting price of an item and seeing what you can get away with. If you give it a try you might be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can end up saving yourself.

Monitor The Conversion Rate

The inflated currency in Bali (Ind. Rupiah) means that for your western currency you will be able to afford things which back at home would be out of pocket. The first step to budgeting your trip is knowing exactly how much you have in the local currency and staying on top of that can be crucial.


A holiday to Bali can be an incredible experience, maybe even life changing. So, it’s an amazing blessing that that can be achieved for, comparatively, very little money. If you use your brain and you’re a little bit careful, you’ll have a great time and might end up with enough money to upgrade that flight home!

Grace Carter is a travel blogger and educator at Assignment Writing Service and Paper Fellows websites. She writes about her adventures around the globe, reviews hotels and works remotely. Also, Grace created a course on academic writing at OX Essays service.


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