How To Avoid The Bali Belly Blues

Oct 04, 2018
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Any trip to South East Asia can come with its fair share of tummy bugs and Bali is no exception. Staying healthy is easy with a few simple precautions - so you can enjoy your holiday instead of reaching for the charcoal tablets. 



Here is a simple guide to avoiding Bali belly on your next trip: 


  • Two weeks before your trip start taking Travelan, a natural travel probiotic. It sets you up with a healthy tum before you even land. 


  • Water is the main cause of most of the nasties. Save the tap water for showering only. Use bottled water as much as possible – especially when washing fruit/ vegetables and brushing your teeth. Most hotels use bought ice – but smaller warungs may not. Just ask. 


  • The ‘tidak plastic’ (no plastic) movement means you will be sipping drinks from bamboo straws. A lot of places reuse them to cut costs which means they can harbour all sorts of nasties. Carry your own or ask for paper straws.   


  • Wash your hands, carry hand sanitiser or wipes. Not all bathrooms have soap. 


  • Only eat raw, peeled fruit, salads and vegetables from busy eateries that use spring water. 


  • They eat a lot of ayam (chicken) on the island – order it well cooked to temperature. 


  • Make sure your seafood is cooked or you saw it come out of the ocean. 


  • When eating street food just follow the traveller’s golden rule: if it’s crowded and the locals are clambering to eat there – it will be fresh, safe and super delicious. 


  • Refrigeration on the island can be on and off so avoid dairy. 



What to do if you do get Bali belly: 


The good news is 90% of cases resolve within a week. 


  • Do what the locals do. Drink fresh coconut water with a squeeze of lime. Sip on a ginger and turmeric tea with honey and coconut oil. Peppermint and ginger will stop the nausea. 


  • Take charcoal tablets, stay hydrated and avoid alcohol and spicy foods. 


If your symptoms persist seek medical attention:



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Written By Fotini E Douglas