How Technology Affect Indonesia Tourism Industry

Nov 22, 2018
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“Technology” which people that live in these recent days does not depend on technology? From the moment they woke up in the morning until they finish their activities, lots of people using any of kind of technology to connect with the world. The advance of technology already happen since the beginning of human history; From the invention of tools for hunting such as stick and knife, to discovering items of very first car and computer.

The very fast growing advancement in technology has been happen in the 20th and 21st century. With electronic technology and machine that capable to match human brain that already been produced, people would consider the negative aspects of new technology. In tourism industry especially in Indonesia, the growth of travel technology are very massive and fast growing. From online travel agency to online taxi such as GO-JEK, TripAdvisor, Golden Rama are the name of the few that encounter the fast pace of technology in tourism industry. The reason being a traveller’s spirit nowadays is a lot different compared to what it was a few years ago, solo trips and group of friends trips are becoming the normative, as the trends of a steady decline in conventional family trips.

The question is how we can obstruct this fast growing of technology in tourism industry? Well the answer you cannot, because every day or every month people outside are invent the new technology to make our daily activities as human became more easier. In Indonesia especially in Bali people are very addictive with technology and we can see it from these statistic below:

As we can see from the statistic; from 265 million population in Indonesia, 50 percent of the population are active internet users and their average spend time in technology such as social media are almost 9 hours, which almost half of daily activities are spend as technology users. Talking about the Technology affects tourism industry; Many of start-ups company in Indonesia eying into the travel market, hit jackpot when they did not have to go overseas for development. Technology just have a role as a bridge, Social Media and Travel Website are two most dominant sources when it goes to the places that travelers want to visit.

Because of that reason, TRAVLR comes to accommodate every needs of every people that planning on traveling. Create by duo husband and wife; Simon and Lani, they journey creating TRAVLR began on 2009. They create and launch their first brand called The Bali Bible, it was all started by simple thoughts. Story began when Lani prepared the very 1st trip to Bali with Simon and along the way Lani was often asked by friends and family about the best things to do, see and experience in Bali. Lani’s list of recommendations quickly became sought after in the couple’s wider network.

Seizing this opportunity and leveraging Simon’s experience running web development company called HYPD, the couple created a simple way to share these recommendations by website and Facebook page. Overnight The Bali Bible Facebook page grew from two followers to over thousand. Nowadays, The Bali Bible out-performs travel giant such as TripAdvisor for social engagement on Instagram and operates across six countries, has over 85 staff, and has raised $5 million in venture capital.

Technology was invented/created to be an addition to help human daily life activities; Not as the substitute, but to make human life is more easier. As an addition for human, technology has changed and influencing everyone even remotely concerned about travel. It has made everything faster and slowly but surely, we as human feels positive that the travel and tourism industry will be made everything technology and robots in the years to come.