Heading to Bali in the next few months? You need to read this!

Feb 14, 2019
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Lucky you, you’re planning a holiday escape to Bali to rest, relax, party or perhaps unwind with some cocktails and amazing food. To get your Bali holiday off on the right foot, we thought we'd share our #toptentips to get the best value for money while in Bali, but also to ensure you come back raving about Bali to all your friends - after all our job is to make sure everyone who gets the chance to travel to beautiful Bali loves it as much as we do.

Tip #1:

Do Bali like the expats do!

If you're heading to Bali and you've been there before, you're probably keen to get away from the super touristy spots and get stuck into the places that the expats go to - after all, the expats live on the island full time, so they know whats hot... (and whats not). You can check out a few of the expats recommendations here.

Tip #2:

Splurge on two days (but for the price of one)!

SPLURGE!!! Go on, you deserve it! And thanks to some of the insane deals on our site that are up to 60% off for food and beverage vouchers at the hottest places in Bali. Seriously - you could almost do two days of ‘splurging’ for the price of one! This means you can live like royalty and splurge on that Negroni or that 2nd, 3rd or even 4th Kookaburra! A hottest 10 deals for this month are:

  1. Saigon Street Seminyak
  2. Mano Beach House
  3. Tropicola Beach Club
  4. Ulu Cliffhouse
  5. Azul Beach Club
  6. Ginger Moon
  7. Jackson Lily's
  8. Clean Canteen
  9. Settimo Cielo
  10. Old Man's

Tip #3:

Download our NEW mobile app!

If you are heading to Bali there is one thing you need, and its our mobile app. We offer synchronisation to all of your favourite lists and trips, but we also have offline mode so you have the complete guide to everything in Bali in your pocket. You can grab the app here for iOS or for Google Play.

Tip #4:

Go into it with some ideas! - Start shortlisting on thebalibible.com NOW!

There is a lot to do and see in Bali, like a LOT! So start shortlisting all the things you’d like to do by clicking on the 'heart' icon on our site and share it with your friends. Travelling is fun, so get your friends involved and start a WhatsApp thread to discuss everyone’s suggestions and anyone’s preferences. Add it all to the website, then when you're ready you can book it all with thebalibible.com.

Tip #5:

Go and experience somewhere new

New venues open up in Bali every day, so make sure you have your ‘finger on the pulse’ and know what’s opened recently by checking out our monthly lists summarising the hottest new venues. We've got an account called The Bali Bible #fingeronthepulse which is dedicated to showcasing the hottest & newest venues opening up every month.

Tip #6:

Some hate this, some will love this - but plan ahead! 

Being organised makes life so much easier - it’s the same with holidays! It doesn’t mean you cant be spontaneous but just means you can ensure you get a seat at your favourite restaurant and don’t wait at the airport for the hotel driver you forgot to organise!

And look, we get it, being organised can get tricky with so many elements of your trip and so many providers - so even if you didn’t book with us, map out your trip and itinerary so you have everything stored in one place!

Tip #7:

Share a mock trip with your friends BEFORE you book it!

Create a shortlist of the coolest places in Bali with your mates on thebalibible.com, then drag and drop it to create a 'mock trip'. Share it and discuss it with your friends or family and get buy in from them. Trying to satisfy multiple people can get hard, but build a mock trip, share it with friends and get their feedback before you book it all!

Tip #8:

Check the event schedule BEFORE you book!

Schedule your trip around up and coming events! Don’t make this mistake of booking your flights before you check the event schedule and find out your favourite band is playing in Seminyak the day before you arrive - trust us, we've done it a lot and it's NOT FUN. To help out, we’ve got the most comprehensive database of up and coming events on the island - check it out here.

Tip #9:

Do something different 

Bali is such a popular destination because many of us are creatures of habit and have fallen into a very comfortable routine doing a very similar holiday or booking the same accommodation each trip. Mix it up a little this time and get out and experience the local culture, visit an orphanage or do our random tour - we've got some insane custom tours we've built for our millennial and western based audience, you can check them all out here.

Remember - Getting out of your usual routine will mix things up a bit and ensure you truly remember this experience.

Tip #10:

Book your restaurants ahead of time (and dine early)

Bali's a hot and very popular culinary destination. With some of the best restaurants in Asia now situated in Bali - getting a seat at the best places in town can be tricky. Make sure you plan ahead and book your reservation on our site to ensure you don't miss your favourite places or experiencing hottest new venues in town. We've also got a mobile app you can use

Our last little bit of advice.... Don't share your information with 20 different booking sites - book everything with The Bali Bible through multiple providers and have everything stored in the one place.

For anyone needing assistant or wanting help to find the best deal for your up & coming holiday please fill out this enquiry and deals form and our team will respond to you ASAP - alternatively, you can see all the great deals on accommodation here.