Heading to Bali but Want to Skip the Queues at the Airport? We've Got the Answer!

Aug 19, 2022
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If you're heading to Bali in the coming months you're going to be confronted with lengthly lines at Immigration, COVID clearance and Visa on Arrival checkpoints. These new protocols mean there are longer wait times at the airport than ever before...

Our recommendation is too make sure you come prepared. Do the admin before you land and print out the below information which will be needed at the airport.

Having it organised and printed will make the experience easier - we'd also highly recommend (in particular for families) to go on our website and grab our VIP Airport Transfer Experience with Private Waiting Room to make airport arrival a breeze.

Our VIP Airport Express Package allows you to skip the queues, with the team completing all the relevant forms in advance and fast track you through as well as allowing you to relax in a private waiting room at the airport while porters retrieve your luggage. Even better, there is a cold Bintang or Ice Water ready and waiting in your VIP transfer once you get out of the airport - heaven right?


The private waiting room at Denpasar airport.

For those who want to go it alone, here are a few key things you'll need to make sure you have:


1. Proof of vaccination

Indonesia doesn't require quarantine for travellers that are vaccinated but they still check your Proof of Vaccination on arrival. You can either secure your international vaccination certificate and present it on your phone, or print out your international vaccination certificates - for Australians this can be done via Medicare under International Certificate).

Side note: Make sure your name matches your passport as we met a family in Nusa Dua who travelled from Melbourne but their Vaccination was under Maiden name and passport under Married different - Airport check-in staff wouldn’t accept it so just be mindful of this)

2. Download the Peduli Lindungi App

On arrival they will also check to make sure you have downloaded the Peduli Lindungi App. You can get it from the App Store and the links are here: https://www.pedulilindungi.id/#unduh

3. Visa on arrival is Back

On arrival you will need to purchase a Visa on Arrival for IDR 500.000 per passport (ca. USD 35 / AUD 50) - this applies to adults and children. Cash or Card is accepted.

Things are continually changing and we will do our best to update you with the changing requirements on the ground to ensure you can travel with ease on your next trip to Bali. Welcome back to Bali and we hope you have the most amazing trip...

Make sure you check out our VIP Airport Transfer Experience with Private Waiting Room to make airport arrival a breeze.


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How many covid vaccines do you need to have had?
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