Headed to Bali? Here's How to Prepare.

Sep 09, 2020
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You're headed to Bali. How amazing is that? Such a big excursion will take lots of preparation and research, and you don't want to skimp on either. Don't worry, it will all be well worth it. If you're unsure of where to begin, keep reading. Here are some tips that will ensure you're prepared and ready for the vacation of a lifetime.

Pack With Intention

When you're traveling, making sure you're mindful of what you pack is essential. And since the climate in Bali is essentially beautiful throughout the year, knowing exactly what to pack will come easier. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the culture of any foreign land is a must to help determine if certain items are appropriate.

Aim to get as much wear as possible out of everything you pack. There are plenty of travel-friendly fabrics that resist wrinkles, dry quickly and won't absorb odors. Investing in at least a few pieces that meet those criteria will be well worth your money.

Also, don't forget one of the most important things — footwear. Since you're bound to do a lot of foot travel, making sure you have comfortable and quality footwear is a must. For leisurely walks or sightseeing, a pair of white leather sneakers is not only versatile, they're durable and fashionable. Keep in mind that Bali is home to some pretty amazing hikes as well, so packing a sturdy pair of hiking boots should be on your list of what to pack.

If you're still not convinced that you've got packing figured out, don't worry. There's an app for that.

Visit Your Doctor

It's always a smart idea to check in with your doctor before heading to an exotic location where different diseases and illnesses might be prevalent. This is a good time to review your vaccination record, update any that need it, and receive any that come recommended based on your travel plans. For Bali, you might have already had some of the recommended vaccinations such as Tdap, but making sure your bases are covered will give you peace of mind and keep you healthy during your travels (and after).

Don't hesitate to use the office time with your doctor to discuss any other travel-related health concerns, such as how to best handle common ailments like traveler's diarrhea or indigestion. This is a good time to get your doctor's input as to what to include in your travel medical kit. Don't forget backups of your prescription medications, just in case.

Do Your Homework

One of the best ways to guarantee you have a great time on vacation is to take care of things like currency, travel plans and how things will be managed at home while you're away.

Since money is something you can't explore Bali without, it's essential that you're prepared and understand what you're going to need. Fortunately, this isn't complicated and you can plan ahead by utilizing a currency calculator.

If planning a trip to Bali is intimidating to you because there are so many different pieces and parts to it, consider working with a travel agent or booking a vacation package. This will ensure nothing is missed and that you'll have a clear itinerary to follow. Many people prefer to go this route for the convenience of it alone.

Don't forget to button up your plans for home when you're away. Hiring a house sitter is a wonderful way to keep your home safe and secure and can be especially helpful if you've got pets at home who also need care. Whatever you can do so you don't need to think about home will be well worth it.

Just as with any plan, setting up a vacation is no small task. All of the preparations made will be more than worth it... especially when you're on a beautiful beach or taking in an amazing view.