Getting Ready For Your Trip to Bali

Sep 09, 2020
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Bali is a great destination for relaxation. To thoroughly enjoy your trip, a bit of preparation may be necessary.

How is Your Stamina?

A Bali vacation will involve walking, climbing and swimming. All are fun activities, but only if you are in shape. Otherwise, you will tire easily. To build up your stamina, consider stepping up (or starting) a workout routine a few months before your departure date.

Protein powder is a big advantage when you're trying to build muscle. Make sure you choose a high quality one that won't upset your stomach and tastes great.

How is Your Body?

Bali is a hot and humid place with lots of beaches. Your body will be on display most of the time that you're there. Unless you want to spend every day at the beach covered by a sarong, devote some time now to getting it into the best possible shape.

Not only are protein powders the ultimate in muscle-building, they are also an important aid to weight loss. Eat sensibly and have a protein shake as a substitute for one or two of your meals every day. Taking in enough protein will allow your body to lose weight safely, without stealing from your muscles.

What Should You Bring For Clothing?

As you prepare your body for your fantastic trip, think about how to prepare your suitcase. First, make sure that the clothes you are bringing still fit correctly after your body work. If not, don't worry. You won't need many clothes in Bali because there's never a big change in temperature.

One decent outfit for restaurants or clubs should be enough. Other than that, just bring your bathing suit and a couple of casual outfits. Both men and women wear sarongs in Bali. Consider purchasing at least one when you arrive. Sarongs are a multi-purpose piece of material that can be a coverup, beach towel or pillow.

Don't forget your feet. Make sure you are taking along comfortable walking sandals. Also bring mesh water shoes for the beach.

What Other Essentials Should You Bring?

To keep your digestive system healthy, bring both of these items: charcoal pills to absorb anything nasty you may eat by accident and a high quality water filter. Bali's drinking water is not safe; the locals boil it before drinking it.

Pack a small first aid keep and keep it with you. Even a small scratch can easily get infected in a tropical climate.

Two things that can put a damper on your trip are severe sunburns and lots of insect bites. You can stop this from happening by keeping sunscreen and insect repellant with you. Make sure your sunscreen is reef safe and will not harm the delicate balance of the ocean ecosystem. Your repellant can be a spray, wipes or really convenient wristbands.

If you plan on taking one of the many water taxis to other parts of the island, either bring motion sickness medication or a pressure point wristband. Tourists report that even if they've never been seasick in their lives, they experienced it on a water taxi, due to their extreme speed and water choppiness.

Bring the right adapter for your phone and other electrical items. There is WiFi in Bali so keep your phone charged for directions, emergencies and taking photos.

What Should You Not Bring?

By all means bring your usual medicines, both prescription and over-the-counter. But this is important: keep them in their original containers. Avoid the temptation to consolidate for space reasons and put everything in one bottle.

Do not bring even a tiny amount of any illegal drugs with you. Bali is very strict on drug use and trafficking. After all you've done to get there, you do not want to end up in a Balinese jail. Make sure that everything is in its correctly labeled container and that you have not brought anything illegal in case your bag is searched.

With some preparations, a trip to Bali can be the best vacation you have ever had.