Get Creative in Bali: Best Workshops

Dec 13, 2021
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Bali is a beautiful island that evokes a lot of creativity. A rich culture with a distinct style, scent, beauty. The Balinese know how to really appreciate and celebrate their beauty and richness by passing it on to tourists. There are many workshops to teach a tourist a little bit about Bali.

The Art of Silversmith - Studio Perak

Silversmithing is a complicated process. People study and practice it for years to be able to make their dream jewellery. It’s a unique skill. But, at Studio Perak in Ubud, you can be a silversmith for a day. 

The popular silver shop has three different locations but only one, the one located in Ubud, has a course to learn the art of silversmithing. For around $35AUD, you can learn how to make jewellery and even take home what you’ve made — as a keepsake or a gift. Using the tools and techniques learned from the studio, the three hour course is great for parents and kids.

Bentuk Bali Macrame

It’s been hanging in every stylish boutique and coffee shop for years. Normally bought on Etsy, macrame is a beautiful edition to any house. But, how do you do it? Lots of knots and ropes, very little direction. Except now, at Bentuk Bali Macrame.

Located in Canggu, the shopfront becomes a workshop out the back where you can go alone or with a group and learn the art of macrame. The skill is great to have as it’s easy to practice when you get home, with easy to source materials. The workshop will see you taking home your creation and bringing part of your holiday and hanging it on your wall at home.

Jamu Spa Traditional Massage

Massaging is a skill. You can be terrible at it or amazing. There is little in between. But now, you can learn how to do a traditional Bali massage. With remedial benefits to help both body and soul, a Bali massage is a special gift. 

Located in Nusa Dua is Jamu Spa, and not only do they give the best massages in town, but they teach you to as well. In a one-day course, you can learn a lifelong skill. But… remember not to tell too many people. You don’t want everyone asking you for a demonstration!

Create a signature scent at L’atelier

Creating a signature scent is an unusual workshop but one to be remembered. Located in the lush Ritz Carlton in Nusa Dua is L’atelier. And here, you can create your unique signature scent. Whether it be a room scent or a perfume, creating a smell that defines who you are is something worth taking home. It will memorialize your Bali vacation and keep you smelling fresh.