Fun Last-Minute Activities for Your Friends Group to Enjoy in Bali

May 30, 2021
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Bali offers the vacation of a lifetime. From beaches and mountainous hikes to great food, there’s so much to do. With so much to do, it’s easy to go into your vacation without much of a plan. If you’re looking for some last-minute ideas for fun on your Bali vacation, look no further.

Go to the Beach

Bali’s beaches are a picturesque dream. With white sand for miles, blue waters and foaming waves, there’s nowhere better. Take a visit to the beach of Jimbara. This beach is on the remote side and less-developed. It’s great for long walks and time away from crowds.

Have a Cocktail

On the beach or off, stop by one of Bali’s many cocktail bars for a fun happy hour. If you’re feeling tropical, go for a mojito or a coconut-based drink. Nothing beats drinking fresh coconut on the beach. Bali is also known for a spirit called Ari, which is high in alcohol and similar to sake. A swig on its own can be strong, so this alcohol is often used in other cocktails.

Bali also offers great herbal and ginger-based drinks, if that’s more you and your friends’ cup of tea. It’s also a great place to try jelly-infused drinks, a fun staple on a hot afternoon. Try them in a tea or one of Bali’s other signature dessert drinks.

Escape From a Room

For some real excitement after your cocktail, check out an escape room. The fun of an escape room is a great friendship-building experience. Can you work together to solve the puzzle and escape the room? Only one way to find out!

Take a Hike

Hiking is also a great last-minute option for fun. With volcanos and waterfalls abounding, there are so many options for you and your friends to try. Hike to Mount Batur for natural drama in a 5,600 foot volcano. This is especially great if you can make it to the top before sunrise. The view is spectacular from the top, but you’ll have to start early.

Go for an Elephant Ride

If you’re tired of walking after a morning hike, take your friends on an elephant ride, and let these majestic animals do the walking for you. Taro Elephant Safari Park offers elephant rides, an experience no one in your gang will be soon to forget. Nothing bonds a group of friends like hitching a ride on such an amazing creature. The park also offers a chance to immerse your friends in natural Bali.

Visit Turtle Island

If you can’t get enough natural Bali after your elephant ride, visit Turtle Island. This turtle conservation, located on Tanjung Benoa Beach, is a great place for a photo opp. The turtles are very comfortable around people and enjoy being held. Plus, it’s a chance to learn about sea turtles and their importance to natural Bali and its ecosystem.

Stop for Ice Cream

Cool off after your time with the sea turtles with an ice cream. Bali is full of ice cream, gelato and gourmet popsicle shops. Many use local and natural ingredients, making some of the unique flavors, like dragon fruit, fun to try. Whether you go traditional or try something unique to the island, You and your friends can choose a variety and share.

Take a Yoga Class

Take time out for yoga. With a rich religious history, Bali is a destination for those seeking inner peace and looking to meditate. There are classes all over the island of varying lengths and for various skill levels.

Visit a Temple

You can even visit one of Bali’s religious and historic temples if you want to better understand Bali’s religious roots. The 11thCentury Hindu temple, Gunung Kawi is a great one to explore. This complex is spread across the Pakerisan River and is composed of shrines cut out of the natural rock face.

With so many different things to do in one of the most beautiful places on earth, there’s no shortage of fun you and your friends can have, even at the last minute.