Fun Family Activities to Try on Your Bali Vacation

May 07, 2021
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Give your family the trip of a lifetime this summer with a dream vacation in Bali. This Indonesian island is known for its picturesque scenery and rich heritage, but it’s also jam packed with fun activities for the whole family. From experiences with wild animals to fun in the sun, you won’t want to miss these adventures!

Spend a Day at the Beach

A day at the beach is a no-brainer in Bali. Bali is known for its white sand beaches and family activities abound. Picture yourself lounging in the sun while your kids build a sand castle nearby. Bring along a kite or baseball gloves for some family fun, like a game of catch on the beach! 

Visit Turtle Island

While you’re at the beach, take a pit stop onTurtle Island. Turtle Island is a turtle conservation located on Tanjung Benoa Beach. The turtles are very comfortable around people. Kids can hold  the turtles, pet them and learn about their importance to the island and its ecosystem. Plus, your family posing with turtles is a great photo op! 

Have Breakfast with an Orangutan

If your family loves learning about animals, the Bali Zoo Gianyar is a great place to experience exotc species that are native to the islands. See sun bears, elephants and other native animals. The zoo even offers programs like breakfast with an orangutan, so you can start your day breaking bread with one of the sweetest native animals in the area. 

Swim with Dolphins

To learn more about native wildlife, visit the marine park as well. The Bali Exotic Marine Park is a great place to learn about the coral and fish that inhabit the waters surrounding the islands. Your family will get to have interactive experiences with dolphins and can even swim with them!

Spend Some Time Under the Sea 

If you’re looking for a more immersive experience, try a submarine tour. The novelty of being on a submarine is exciting in and of itself, but the views you’re giving your family are the real treat. Submarines visit areas of the ocean that only the most experienced scuba divers can get to. You’ll see tropical fish, experience colorful coral and learn what it’s like to live under the sea. 

Take an Adventurous River Tour

For another adventurous experience, try river rafting. Yes, Bali is known for beaches but it’s also got great rivers full of exciting rapids. Your kids will love a ride down Ayung River. Sobek Rafting offers raft trips for kids 7 and up and has a perfect safety record. Rafting is exciting, plus the whole family works together to keep the raft headed down river, so it’s a great bonding experience. 

Take a Family Hike

If you’re in the mood for something a little less adventurous, but still want to explore nature as a family, try a hike. Bali offers hikes through volcanic rock formations and near waterfalls. Though some of the more popular hikes might be challenging for young kids, there are many moderate hikes that the whole family can enjoy together. 

Hitch a Ride on an Elephant

If hiking isn’t your family’s style, take them for an elephant ride and let the giant creatures do the walking for you. Taro Elephant Safari Park offers a trail for elephant rides, a once in a lifetime experience your kids are sure to remember. You can also stay at the park, if you really want to immerse your family with the natural wildlife of Bali. 

Stop for a Frozen Treat

Finally, any afternoon on your trip can be ended with a trip to the local ice cream shop. Bali has an array of ice cream, gelato and even gourmet popsicle offerings that the whole family will enjoy. Many use local and natural ingredients, so you’re giving your kids a unique experience as well as a sweet treat. Paletas Wey is a perfect example. Their popsicles offer local ingredients, no preservatives and offer local flavors, like dragon fruit. 

No matter which activities you choose, your kids will come home with memories that will last a lifetime after a trip to Bali.