Fun and Relaxation on Vacation in Bali

Feb 28, 2021
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The beautiful island of Bali is famous for its natural surroundings, gorgeous beaches, rice paddies and religious sites. Offering diverse resorts, exciting cuisine and friendly local people, Bali has become a top tourism destination. There is plenty of adventure to be had in Bali, but sometimes you just want to relax and rejuvenate on your vacation. Here are some of the best ways to have a relaxing vacation in Bali.

Sunbathe on the Beach

Bali has hundreds of beautiful beaches where you can sit by the tranquil turquoise waters, soaking up the sun and enjoying cool breezes off the ocean. The white sands and fantastic weather make this a must-do. The Bali beaches are not only beautiful, but they are free. You might even splurge a little and reserve a beach cabana for maximum comfort and added privacy. Available at many resorts, relaxing on the cozy bed-like structure will feel as restful as sleeping on your Simmons mattress at home. The all-day cabana rental often includes food and drink delivery, or some may even provide you with your own personal butler. You could definitely spend your entire Bali vacation visiting a different stunning beach each day.

Get a Massage

Another inexpensive way to relax on your Bali vacation is to indulge in a massage. The traditional Balinese massage features full-body, deep-tissue, holistic treatment. Combining gentle stretching, firm pressure and fragrant oils, the massage is sure to put you in a state of calm and relaxation. Most resorts offer spa treatments, but you can also get a traditional Balinese massage for an affordable price at many places throughout the island.

Watch a Sunrise or Sunset

There are numerous beautiful places to watch the sunrise or sunset in Bali. You can choose a sandy beach, unique temple or mountain top view. Head to Sanur Beach on the southeast coast for a quiet coastal setting to see the sunrise. If you are feeling adventurous, get up before dawn and hike Mount Batur, an active volcano with stunning views over mountains, lakes and oceans. Another unique sunrise choice is Ubud Water Palace, a peaceful temple featuring a lotus lagoon. Kuta, La Plancha and Echo are just a few of the many beach areas where you can catch a beautiful sunset. Venues range from bean bag chairs on the beach to cafes or even rooftop bars. If you prefer a more spiritual view, try Tanah Lot or Uluwatu temples. At Uluwatu, you can simultaneously watch a Kecak Fire Dance, which is an amazing traditional Balinese dance and music performance.

Visit a Traditional Healer

Bali has a deep-rooted culture that favors medicine practices centered around holistic healing and ancient rituals. Balinese healers offer a range of emotional, physical and spiritual therapies, including massage, meditation, palm reading and hypnosis to treat the mind, body and soul. Most traditional healers do not advertise, so you may have to ask around with the local people to find one.

Do Some Yoga

The Hindu culture of Bali provides an environment where yoga practices flourish. Stretch your muscles and meditate at a wide range of studios and retreats available across Bali. Choose from breathtaking natural settings, featuring magnificent views of the beaches, mountains or lush jungles. You may even find yourself taking classes with a world-famous guru.

Soak in Hot Springs                                                                                             

Looking for something other than beaches, visit Bali’s hot springs. The local people value these natural therapeutic thermal waters to soothe, cure and ease away their aches and pains. Situated in lush jungles or beautiful tropical gardens, many hot springs may include a mesmerizing waterfall. An indulgent soak in the hot, bubbling water is sure to leave you revitalized and rejuvenated.

View Fields of Marigold

One of Bali’s hidden attractions is the marigold fields in Desa Temukus, a remote village in East Bali. Marigold flowers are used in Hindu rituals, and this town is awash in flowers grown by local inhabitants. The best time to see the fields in full bloom is just prior to a major Balinese ceremony. The fields are private, so walking among the flowers will require permission from the local grower.

There is something for everyone in Bali. Whatever you choose to do on your vacation, be sure to take advantage of the many relaxing and restorative activities that this amazing island has to offer.