Fun Activities that You Can do around Seminyak Area

Feb 08, 2020
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Having a vacation is to be relaxed. Vacation is the time where we will release all our stresses, depression, burdensome, bored some, and to gain new energy, strength, power as well as insight by doing some fun activities such as playing games, surfing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, or trekking. Many people choose Seminyak Bali as the main place to spend during their holiday. There are so many fun things can be done in this modernized district. In Seminyak, you can enjoy the incredibly beautiful sunset view, playing around the amazing white-sand beach, swimming with the dancing weaves, do surfing, enjoy the chaotic nightlife, try supper tasty dishes in some world-class restaurants, do some shopping activities, or dancing & drinking in some quality bars. If you are confusing about what to do in Seminyak, you can do the below-listed enjoyable activities.


1. Relaxing in Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach is located next to Kuta Beach. That’s why its characters are almost the same as that of Kuta Beach. The beach has white sand, the waves are strong enough and suitable for surfing and swimming. The atmosphere of the beach is calm and still which can be a perfect place for those who want to escape from crowdedness and busyness. The beach is also good for relaxing, enjoying sunset treats or even as a recreational fishing spot. Around the beach, you can find deluxe beach resorts with complete facilities, top restaurants and great villas with swimming pools in Seminyak. It is easy to get to Seminyak Beach. If you are driving from Denpasar by bike, it takes you around 30 minutes and you will need approximately 20 minutes from Kuta. In case you don’t know how to ride, you can just book for online transportation such as Gojek and Grab. It is always recommended for you to use Grab Bike.



2. Dream Museum Zone - DMZ Bali

Are you a lover of 3 dimensions artful paintings? Are you active in social media? Seminyak Bali presents a phenomenal tourist destination where you can be very proud of having visited this amazing place full of artworks and 3D paintings. The Dream Museum Zone presents hundreds of three-dimensional paintings. This extraordinary museum displays a variety of 3D painting illusions. If you want to boost your online presence on social media and make people say;” WOW” to your post on Instagram or Facebook, you can come to this art museum and take some snapshots in this amazing Dream Museum Zone Bali. This wonderful touristed spot is situated in Nakula Street No.33X, Legian, Kuta, Badung



3. Training your brain by completing games in Totem Room Escape Bali

Since having a holiday is to release all our stresses, so playing games and trying to solve all the puzzles given in Totem Room Escape can be a perfect decision to ta take. Totem Room is an exciting touristed destination in Seminyak Bali. In this place, visitors will be able to experience challenging puzzles and games. You will be forced to act and to think as all the actors and actresses do in the movie of Indian Jones. In order to complete the given mission and to solve all the puzzles, you need to bring out all your talents, creativity, knowledge, and tricks. You ought to think and act as fast as possible but must be accurate because each mission has its deadline. There are 4 rooms with different themes and each room has different levels of difficulty. Locked in Darkland, Egyptian Secret, Kidnapped and Mission Impossible Rooms! This game is really fun because you will be locked in a room with a certain theme. The way to play is easy, you have to choose a theme and form a team of 2-10 people. Next, you have to solve the puzzle together with limited time. If you can't solve the puzzle, you will be assisted by the Game Master, who is watching via CCTV by giving an additional clue.



Those are the top three fun activities that you can do around the Seminyak area. The above-mentioned activities are really helpful to make your holiday in Bali worth-cherished. You will definitely always remember this experience. These three activities can help you to throw away all your stresses and burdens. It will give new energy.