From Handbag Design to Origami Art, the Rebirth of Sabbatha

Jun 20, 2019
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Following the phase in my artistic career creating luxury handbags and jewelry, I have started a new venture. My Journey as an Artist with Origami 3D Illustrative Architectural Artwork begins with a spirit to re-contextualize Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage for the modern age.

In my heart this innovated artistic tug is such unrelenting.

Designer versus Artist

When I moved to Bali in 2000, I started out creating simple accessories along with bags in small volume. The idea to focus on bags came out of the desire to create my own interpretation of bags, a bag that only serves its purpose but is also unique.

I consider bags as an artwork, which I composed of many different leathers, from cow, goat to lamb, decorated with semi-precious and precious stones, such as black onyx, amethyst, serpentine or opal, which became my signature.

I wanted to create a bag that is like jewelry, and this became quite a success. My bags were being sold around the world and has charmed fashion lovers alike in addition to celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Katie Holmes as well as Indonesian top figures singers Anggun C. Sasmi, Melly Goeslaw and veteran actress Christine Hakim. My bags became more than only for carrying as personal day-to-day items but turned into collectors’ items.

As I have always said I rather wanted to be seen as an artist, not a bag designer. And I felt the internal urge to look beyond artistically.

My Artistic Rebirth

Mid-March 2014, I started to experiment with creating this innovation in art, of where two months later, my new passion for art grew even more. That was the moment that the art of folding – Origami – appeared in my mind. It was something in the art domain that can be innovated and can be evolved. This vision soon embodied into an artistic-forward array of new art masterpiece creation dedicated to those with an appreciation for great creativity and witty-full passion.

Back then, I started my Origami art using the simplest and most basic artistic expressions, which kept me continued to persevere to create a unique work of art. The knowledge and creation of Origami art grows prevalently, and I consistently featuring bold colour and free-hand patterns, combining both traditional and contemporary shapes.

My Origami artworks today substantially manifest an intensive amount of labour, with its meticulous knack in hand-drawings, bold artistic development and intricate patterns against a black backdrop.

Inspired by Spanish Architect, Antoni Gaudi, my international acclaims doesn’t keep me from showcasing national beauties – I was driven even more by an intuition to create new breeze of art that melds the breathtaking splendour of Indonesian Sublimity with forward-thinking design whereas at the same time, my quest to combine avant-garde design with Eastern Art of Origami is such a gratifying achievements. All my love about Indonesian Majestic shown through my origami craft artwork pieces.

How do I now see my being handbag designer and this origami art intertwine each other?

As an independent Artist, I’d like to hold a strong notion as A Constant Reinvention person.

My optimistic outlook on life informs all of personal creations, whether it’d be a luxury handbag or an art piece. This is partly reflected in my peerless perfectionism in crafting each piece for my accessory line, from sketching the design and handpicking the materials to working together with masterly craftspeople in Bali for the handbag designing and or for my Origami Artworks, from timeless thorough learning process.

Furthermore, I believe my thirst to create and always deliver innovations in designing and creating both handbags or fashion accessories and origami artworks has been deluging my loyal customers with a pride that through what I do, I am convinced that Indonesia has an enormous potential to become a force to be reckoned with in the global creative scene. As I conclude, “I am proud to be Indonesian and I want to create the history for my country.”

Enhanced with the love and stern motivation to consistently invent something new and innovative, I believe the mostly part of my next plan with what that origami art I do today is to endorse adamantly that from Indonesia, such authentic creativity is where it born.

Terima Kasih,