Five Google Apps That Have Impacted Remote Learning in the Covid-19 Era

Mar 30, 2021
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It's been over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic started and many parents are still unclear about when schools will resume in-person classes. The risk of children getting infected remains high. A significant percentage of young children have died because of the pandemic and others are getting infected. To provide students with much-needed education from home, educators have relied on Google services. Many of these Google tools were already being used in the education industry long before the pandemic. The demand for them has only grown since 2020. Below is a list of some of the most reliable Google tools for remote learning. 

1. Google Forms and Sheets 

Forms have always played a key role in education and Google Forms make remote learning more feasible. This application allows teachers to create questionnaires and collect valuable feedback from their students online. All the responses from online surveys are collected on a spreadsheet and used to improve the learning experience. Apart from creating questionnaires and spreadsheets, teachers can use Google Forms to create online quizzes, tickets, and host assessments. Since Google also has a spreadsheet, educators can link their Google Forms to Google Sheets to enjoy more features. Google Forms and Google Sheets are 100% free to use. 

2. Google Classroom 

Google Classroom is another free application from Google that allows students and teachers to interact like they would in a traditional school. Educators can send assignments, lessons, notes, and everything else through the online application. Full semesters have been completed with Google Classroom in the Covid-19 era. It is also a great option for collaborative learning. Students in the Google Classrooms can post comments on the primary classroom page. So, when they don't understand any part of a topic, they can openly ask a question through the app. Google Classroom also has a virtual discussion feature. Teachers typically create discussion trends for each assignment, encouraging the students to share ideas with each other while they work on these projects. 

3. Google Docs 

It's not possible to talk about useful Google tools in the education industry without mentioning Google Docs. This amazing word processor comes with many great features. It's one of the most functional Google apps, not just for students but for workers as well. All Google Docs files are saved automatically on the company's cloud storage. As long as the account is linked to your Gmail, you can access those files any time you want. Google Docs also has a collaborative feature that allows many students to work on one document at the same time. After examining written documents, teachers can add constructive feedback as comments in different parts of the document. They can even suggest more suitable words or solutions to problems. 

4. Google Slides 

Students used Google Slides to host presentations for their school work before the pandemic started. The presentation app has 26 themes and it's easy to use. All users have to do is download the app on their iOS or Android device and use all the features to make their projects successful. The Google Slides application is also free and it allows students to share their presentations from anywhere. When the school project requires teamwork, students can collaborate with their peers as long as they are all connected to that particular project on the app. They can also embed videos, animations, and texts to their presentations on Google Slides. 

5. Google Hangouts 

The demand for networking apps has been on the rise since the pandemic started. This is because social distancing policies stopped people from visiting their friends as frequently as they used to. Students could no longer go to school and socialize with their peers. Google Hangouts is a free networking app that has been useful to remote learners over the last few months. Teachers and students can host virtual classes with a simple Google Hangouts call. Class sessions on Hangouts can be recorded and shared on the Google Classroom feed so those who didn't participate in the call can still have access to the feed. 


The five Google apps listed above are all perfect for the education industry but workers have also found them useful for remote work. Over the years these G-suit apps have been growing in demand. Since the pandemic started, Google has been recruiting web developers and designers to keep their apps running and meet the increase in demand. If you're interested in joining Google's team of developers, you can start by enrolling for an online bootcamp on