European Foods That You Can Eat in Fine Dining Places around Bali

Sep 16, 2019
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Are you a food lover? The answer will mostly be: yes. Then, you must have been looking for the best place to eat or finding foods that will make you wish you can eat it forever. Nowadays, you can eat foods from various countries easily. What you need to do is just find the right restaurant. Numerous restaurants now exist, especially in Bali. You won’t merely find local foods but also foods from various countries. One of the most popular foods that are favored by many people all over the world is European food. 

European countries are known to have impressive cultures and history, as well as the charming view. Its natural beauty and unique architecture are very well-known to people around the world. And the foods? It’s incredible. Culinary and travel are two different things that cannot be separated. European foods are gems that are targeted by the travelers that visit the countries and shouldn’t be missed. Your trip, especially when you go to European countries, definitely wouldn’t be complete without trying their wonderfully tasty foods.

Every country in the world has its very own special cuisine as the character and style of cooking in every particular country is quite different. It’s not like it is an easy task to choose only one food that is able to represent each country. Yet, in most case, there will be always more than one food to chose because the culinary in humankind history is extremely abundant.

In every country you visit in Europe, you can taste various tasty foods that you can find in every corner of the countries. One thing to remember, make sure that you did small research about foods before you travel to a country. So, you can completely enjoy all the food offers. You can also ask the locals about what’s best to eat, and you will find the gems. You must travel and eat because life is short before you realize, you will be running out of time. It is believed that food is something far beyond the thing you can eat. It is able to connect people, create laughter, and build a family. Europe is definitely one of the perfect places for people who love to eat.

European foods are very popular around the world, and nowadays you can find European foods in almost every country especially in Bali. You can find a lot of restaurants that offer European foods.

Some of the famous European foods are as follows:

1. Frites, Belgium

Fries are one of the favorite menus that are very popular in every country in the world. You can find fries in almost every restaurant and it can be easily in the found in the fast food’s restaurant. Yet, Frites is a bit different from the fries you usually found. It has its own distinctive taste characteristics and served different as well. Frites is Belgian-style fries that is definitely one of the famous European foods is Frites. The one portion of Frites is usually large. The Frites is fried and then put into a cone-shaped place made of paper. The sauce then put to the fried Frites depends on your choice and then it is ready to be tasted.

2. Gelato - Florence

Gelato is an Italian ice cream that is very famous and is spread all over the world. It can be said that almost everyone especially the youngsters already knew what Gelato is. The word Gelato itself means ice cream in Italian word. The basic ingredients of Gelato are milk and sugar. It is known to be made with natural ingredients, so it has less butterfat than the other types of ice cream and has fewer calories. Therefore, Gelato is healthier than the other kind of ice cream. And it is one of the reasons why Gelato is extremely favored by many. Gelato is also usually having less air and more flavor that makes it different from other ice creams. That is why Gelato has a more intense flavor and you will taste it differently.

Pizza - Rome - Italia

Pizza is one of the famous European foods from Italy. The world Pizza means pie, and itis extremely loved by a lot of people and can be easily found in restaurants around the world. The toppings of Pizza typically consist of mushrooms, meats, tomatoes, cheese, and a lot more. Nowadays, there are many best places to eat in Bali provide tasty pizza. After many years since it was invented, there are many kinds of Pizza that have a different topping with one another. Although in recent times you can eat pizza anywhere, but eat pizza in the place where it was originated will feel different. If you are traveling to Italy, you must try all Taglio pizza that can be found in the Italian capital, Rome. You can choose the toppings that you want but the most recommended to try are tomatoes and basil.

3. Crepes - Paris - France

The romantic city, France, is not merely well-known as the center of fashion and its romantic vibe, but also famous for its delicious foods. Many dishes, whether it is main dishes of desserts, are very popular. One of the most popular European foods is crepes. Many restaurants offer this menu to complete your fine dining experience. Sweet and savory crepes are two kinds of crepes that you can find today. If you are traveling to France, do not be missed to try this food. Crepes are thin and soft pancakes, made from flour dough that is filled with chocolate, fruit, ham, bacon, and more. Crepes are versatile food as it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Try this delicious thin pancake, and you will never regret it.

Kroketten - Amsterdam - Netherlands

Kroketten or croquette is a famous European food that comes from Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is basically mashed potatoes mixed with meat and spices. The mashed potatoes then smeared with bread flour, then fried in hot oil. You can find this food on the street and fast food restaurants in Amsterdam. Kroketten is one of the cheap foods that can be found in the Netherlands and has been massively produced as fast food. Its delicious taste is favored by many people there and also by tourists.

There are many more European foods that you should try at least once in your life. You can find it in the various restaurant, especially in our restaurant in Jimbaran.