Essentials To Pack for Your Bali Vacation

Sep 09, 2020
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Bali is both an exciting and relaxing vacation destination. Packing wisely is the key to thoroughly enjoying your trip

Health Items To Carry Every Day

Whatever else you pack in your suitcase, you will need a lightweight carryall like a cotton drawstring bag to take with you every day. Bali is hot and humid, so avoid taking anything with you, clothes or accessories, that aren't made of breathable fabric.

To avoid wasting any vacation time feeling ill, bring charcoal tablets and either a water bottle with a filter or a filter straw. Charcoal tablets can absorb anything toxic in your digestive system if your stomach starts to give you trouble.

Filtering the drinking water in Bali is absolutely essential. The water is not safe to drink; even the locals boil it first. You could pack and carry bottled water, but all that plastic would be wasteful and the water would be heavy. Bringing a filter you can trust is much more economical and better for the environment.

There will be mosquitoes, and lots of them. Carrying spray bottles of insect repellant takes up lots of room and the spray leaves a film on your skin. Instead, bring a large selection of mosquito repellent bracelets. They come in great colors and you may even start a fashion trend. If the mosquitoes are really vicious, you can add a pair to your ankles.

There is water transport in Bali to other areas of the island. Even if you have never been seasick before, you may succumb to it on one of Bali's water taxis. They go at very high speeds and the ride can be rocky. Don't bother bringing tablets; motion sickness bracelets work instantly via pressure points and take up virtually no room.

Even if you are one of those people who always tans and never burns, don't forget sunscreen. The sun in Bali is very intense and a severe sunburn on vacation is no fun. Make sure the sunscreen you choose is reef safe. At some point you are likely to go into the water, and non-reef safe sunscreens ruin the delicate ocean ecosystems.

A first aid kit is always a good idea when traveling. It is especially important in a tropical climate because infections can happen quickly. It does not have to be the kind of huge kit you keep in your home or office. There are many compact kits that won't weigh a ton but still have everything you might need.

Clothing Items To Carry Every Day

Sarongs are everywhere in Bali and they are the ultimate in multi-purpose garments. You can wear one over your bathing suit at the beach or you can use it as your beach towel. Fold it up and use it as a pillow if you need a rest. If you're staying in a hostel, you can hang one up to separate yourself from your fellow travelers. As soon as you get there, buy several sarongs and always keep one in your bag.

You may be walking a lot in Bali. Put a pair of sandals or lightweight mesh water shoes in your drawstring bag in case the shoes you're wearing get uncomfortable or you end up at the beach. You can also rent a bicycle or scooter if your destination is too far to walk.

You probably shouldn't go to Bali during the rainy season (October through April). If you do, add a breathable hooded rain jacket to your bag.

Items To Never Carry

Do not bring, carry or buy recreational drugs of any kind. Bali takes drug use and trafficking very seriously and you could end your vacation in jail.

Be careful with any prescriptions or over-the-counter medications as well. Keep them in their original packages. Do not mix drugs together in one bottle for the sake of space. You don't want any questions raised if your bag is examined.

Packing for your days and nights in Bali is not hard. Just remember to pack wisely and you will be able to enjoy every minute.